2018/19 Winter Trail Conditions


Sedona looks nice.


Looks like Victoria Park is well groomed and setting well. I’m probably heading up on Sunday afternoon if anyone wants to join in.

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@brightwhite believe it or not Shubie is quite good. It gets enough foot traffic that the unplowed singletrack is 12" wide and packed. The secret singletrack remains unrideable unfortunately as it has had zero traffic. Not sure what it is like headed out the Lake Charles Extension toward Area 25. I will check it out tonight


Very cool. Do you know if skinny tires are welcome as well as fatties?


Everyone is permitted. As long as you stay in the groove I think a skinny would be rideable.


Unsure. Maybe ask the Instagram guy who’s been driving the Snow Dog groomer?


Regular Vic Park updates on the Bike Truro facebook page. Looking good for the weekend.


If there is anywhere rideable on skinny studded tires tomorrow I’d appreciate a head’s up. Looks like Shubie so far. I"m not on FB so can’t check the Truro intel.


Coles notes update from the BIKE Truro FB, Victoria Park:
"The trails didn’t set up as good as I had though. The snow is so dry and without a tiller or alot of pressure the compaction isn’t all there.
NO SKINNY what so ever.
Fatbike lower your pressure way low.

Would I drive an hour to come bike here? Probably not today to be honest."


Just did a recon hike at Wrandees. The pipeline loop is hard packed and rideable. Exhibition grounds to the loop is still chunky and loose but it gets better once you hit the loop. I didn’t go towards the rose bowl but I’d say with all the foot traffic that area gets it’s probably the same or better.


Great day for riding single track in Mahone Bay


Pipeline was considerably softer in the midday sun. @Jetter was doing ok on a fatty but my skinnies were a struggle in a few places. Should set up nicely again tonight though with the cold temps.


I wasn’t on Nine Mile today, but trail report from @Joanna is that it’s packed snow with lots of snowshoe traffic. One fatbike and one nonfat were through. Trail was getting soft with the warmer temperatures.


Sounds like it might be good after dark or tomorrow morning once the temp drops.


I rode shubie this AM and it was only OK. Got 1 loop in and rode about 7K. Plowed areas were fine. 1ft wide pack was a no-go even in the early am on skinny tires.

Later today the snow turned into packing snow…hopeful for tomorrow on the singletrack. Might try NMR tomorrow.


Spider is good to go. I’ve been out here for an hour so far and have not been disappointed yet.


Old Wrandees is good riding. Pipeline, and Rosebowl are nicely packed.


Victoria Park was absolute magic. Just a blast to ride and no one there.


@Cheshiremark and I rode Victoria Park this afternoon. Soft in a few places and a lot of work (avoid Dive In, way too soft) but it was an otherwise enjoyable afternoon on bikes. Trash Talkin and McCabes Loop were good, and we climbed Upper Stairway to Heaven (aka Upper Lyme) and it’s the best I’ve ever seen it.


Upper and lower Lyme and McCabes Loop were great. We were there before and during the ski race so we did them a couple of times since Trash Talkin was closed. Some of the ungroomed, but well trampled single track on the other side of the resevoir was also very good. The decent on the downstream side of the reservoir dam was a blast too!