2018/19 Winter Trail Conditions

My only chance to ride this weekend is later Sunday afternoon, let me know if you’re up for it.

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Hell yeah, I can definitely be ride ready by Sunday afternoon. :smiley:

Cool, will update here tomorrow/sunday morning.

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Anyone been out anywhere?

There’s at least 4inches of fresh snow at keppoch and it’s been snowing on and off this am with sunshine filtering perfectly through the trees. I got there a bit early and followed some snowshoe tracks. They were grooming trails as I was leaving-should be awesome tomorrow!

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Great out in Halifax. The small amount of fluff doesn’t slow you down but textures the ice just enough to give traction.


Heard that Nine Mile River trails are good, frozen and not much snow. Trail crew were in working today and cleared deadfall and raised a bridge out of the water.

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Norawarren is wicked good right now no matter what tire you are running
Mcfight on the other hand is got some sketchy to it but still rideable


We didn’t ride it, but Nine Mile was looking perfect today.

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Whopper was good yesterday.
The soft loose snow on the frozen roots made for a fun challenging ride in places, but I was able to ride on my ‘skinny’ studless tires.
Domininator and Flipside were very nice but Suzie Q and the small lake loop were pretty slippery since there had been so little traffic on them.

Just curious on whether anyone has ridden the trails at long lake provincial park? Looking at the trail forks app it looked interesting.

The trails at Bowater were sweet yesterday- we rode the loop around the lake at the Old Annapolis Road. My second ride since destroying my shoulder- went pretty good!


A few people ride there still. The trail system is one of the oldest in HRM.

One side is a popular dog walking area and is pretty rooty. It gets really good in the winter when snowshoeing and dog walkers pack it down and the snow fills in all the roots and rocks.

Fight was very good today. Consistent light layer of snow, but grippy enough without studs other than a few ice patches here & there.


Bowater was in excellent shape. A small skiff of snow in most places but traction was still pretty good except on tricky roots.


Where is the bowater trail?


Anyone been to whopper or spider lake lately?

I was at Spider tonight. It’s in excellent shape. Not much snow and just about everything has been ridden. No ice other than frozen puddles. I was riding a fat bike without studs, but anything would be fine.


Norawarren and West Pine were great to with only a couple ice spots where water was flowing across trail.