2018/19 Winter Trail Conditions


^^^^^^ Just rode in there again this morning and it’s in excellent condition. No need for a fatbike or studs…Go get it before the warm weather this weekend.


Norr’en was deluxe last night… lots of changes to West Pine since my last visit- kudos to the trail builders, your work is greatly appreciated! It’s so nicely packed down right now.

Ride would have been even better if I hadn’t forgotten my light…lol


Nine Mile is as good as I have seen it. Studs recommended. Treat the boardwalks on the back loop as technical trail features. The first loop might get a little slushy as the day goes on but was good as of 10:30 ish.


Might be too late now, it’s warming up quickly, but Whopper was mint this morning.
Hero dirt everywhere and barely any snow or ice.
Only had to get off and walk over ice sheets twice on the powerlines.


Fight was mint this morning but started to get soft around noon. Ice was avoidable and some had traction.


This trail map sums up trail conditions in Hillsborough today. It’s all about to change with 14degC and rain coming.

Snowshoe in Hillsborough, NB by Douglas Smith, on Flickr


Rode Bowater last night, it was great, some foot traffic, but snow was fluffy, so was not packed down.
Was a bit tough in open areas where there was more snow, but its was all rideable, no fat bike needed.


The trail around the lake that starts at the Old Annapolis Road or the trails by the pipeline?


All the lower ones around the pipeline.
I don’t think I have been to the trail you are talking about.


@pmachan There are some pretty good (but relatively short) ones further in, if you follow Hiking Trail Road there’s a parking lot at the intersection with Old Annapolis Road (top middle of the pic below), there are a couple of loops that are connected. One of them loops around the north east part of Rees Lake, crossing a few bridges which are in (mostly) good shape. It’s just under 3km. I haven’t ridden the other loop in a while but it’s a bit more rugged. If you do the loop around Rees I recommend clockwise.


Yeah, I have ridden there, but not this winter yet, I suspect its ok though, as everything else was good.


Great conditions at Nine Mile River today. Get in tonight or tomorrow morning if you can. A few icy patches to watch for but mostly packed snow. No studs necessary.


image https://storage.googleapis.com/burbcommunity-aroundambler/2016/03/lousy-smarch-weather-600x400.jpg

image https://memegenerator.net/img/instances/76482905/febtober.jpg


Choose wisely were you ride tomorrow. We are going to have some great conditions but those wet soft areas may not all freeze. Remember if you are leaving ruts your doing damage.


I hiked a good chunk of Bowater yesterday and it’s in great condition. Very little mud or soft areas. Should be a safe bet today.


All frozen up at Irishman’s today, a bunch of trees down so keep an eye open. Was fairly icy too.


Lots of ice at Daminion too. A blast with studs though.


Nile mile was a mix of ice and footprints early and an inch or less of snow with ice in the back sections. As well you can ride the four wheeler/woods roads as they they are frozen up and solid like.


West Pine was littered with large ice patches, between the four of us we went down about 13 times collectively today. Studs highly recommended!


East and west summit loops on Keppoch have deep footprints into the dirt-presumably someone hiking through during the thaw then exaggerated by the frost heaves. Unfortunate, but still fun. Big Allen looks similar but didn’t ride it. The rest of the trails appear either untracked or nicely snowshoed. There is a layer of firm snow over top with a dusting of fresh snow- lots of grip-no studs needed.