2018/19 Winter Trail Conditions


Grey Mountain is snow covered and icy in spots. But Eldridge Road on the way into the trail system is a sheet of ice from ditch to ditch. Sketchy at best without studs.


Spider is awesome right now, studs 100% required. Virtually the entire trail from the parking lot to the deep end of Lake Major is ice-covered.


Fundy was great! The groomed trails were fantastice. No need for studs as can be expected.


In Halifax, even my walk to work will probably require studs tomorrow. Rain and +4 now, dropping to -11 plus windchill by morning. :grimacing:


Reservoir Park in Wolfville was Slippppery yesterday. Frozen ground with a slushy snow cap. Likely a solid block of ice now.


All trails now clear of windfall at Irishman’s Rd. Some icy spots, but overall solid riding. Go and get it!


It’ shaping up to be an icy riding season in HRM…Chain Reaction is having a sale on studded tires.


Speaking of studs, if you’re avoiding Fight so you don’t destroy your studded tires it’s a non-issue…The trail is 95% hard packed snow and ice. Get after it.


Nine Mile was deluxe this morning. Packed down and crunchy, ice in a few spots. Safer with studs but passable without- just watch your speed.

Last kilometre before the lake was slightly deeper snow and a bit less travelled, still passable.

Back loop looked untraveled.

If it’s cool enough this evening it would make for a great night ride.


Anyone ridden spider lake or whopper lately?


Ride whopper powerlines last night. Lots of ice but we had studs so it was a blast.

Not very rideable othewise, I think.


Did you get into daminion/ flipside? I’m looking to get out with the dog-looking for that magical combination of enough ice and snow so I don’t have to worry about my studs, but not so much ice that the dog will be miserable…


Studs are suggested in the valley.

Bird has been cleared recently of dead fall thanks to a kind trail elf (Dale). I am heading out this evening for a rip in Woodville as of now.


@Drgonzo yesterday daminion was mostly ice. Studs required to ride it but probably enough snowy/roughed up sections for doggy traction.

On flipside we only rode the short section between the entrance and the powerline quick exit. It was almost all snow. Rideable but a bit slushy. Should be crisper today.

The powerline is not dog friendly.


I rode Spider late afternoon / early evening yesterday. I didn’t ride much of the single track, but what I did ride was mostly dry, crunchy snow and ice. The double track was wet and slushy in places. I think studs would pretty much be required, but I don’t think it would be a problem for a dog.


Thanks guys! Ended up at whopper. Flipside is alternating crusty snow and ice. Studs recommended. Climbing back up the power line is tricky even with studs.


I rode whopper on the other side today.
Went in from the new road and rode Susie Lake out and back. Extremely icy until you get deep in to the woods (intersection of lake loop and Susie) and then it’s mostly crunchy snow with ice patches. Dog did ok as he spent most of his time off trail.


The Gorge skills park was snow covered with textured ice underneath today. Rideable sans studs with some caution. I didn’t get into to the trails but I’d expect similar conditions.


Spider is really icy. Fast if you can keep it in the grove.


Spider is pretty wild right now, really icy, pretty much all ice, but if you have good studs and can keep it on line, its super fast and fun as hell, we had a riot tonight, full send and super sketchy.