2019-2020 Winter Trail Conditons

Not sure if it’s too early for this or not, but should be whole year trail report.

Whopper Trails too muddy and soggy.


Whooper would be after all that rain yesterday. I would suggest another day for sitting water to subside.

…or freeze.:slightly_smiling_face:

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Any insight on The Gorge?

I haven’t been in the last few days, but may go later this evening. (The gorge that is)

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Please show the love by staying off the new trails until they are finished. Don’t climb over or around the “Trail Closed” signs. We are nearing the completion of the new connector trail Duck N Run but have a little more to do. Much of the shaped dirt is still loose. We need dry conditions to pack it all down. If you ride/run/hike over soft dirt it makes more work for us. Thanks for your patience. Trust us - it will be worth the wait!



we will need a report on the fight trail for the weekend. Not the new stuff but the granite based trails

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Go check it out and get back to us.

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Any word on Conditions at Keppoch?

Their Facebook page is usually quite up to date with conditions and if it’s open to bikes/fat bikes only/ etc

Word has it that Whopper is rideable.


I hadn’t been to whopper in several weeks. I went for a trail run with the dog through daminion , flipside and scotch a couple days before the storm, I found there were quite a few mud pits- I thought to my self I would prob avoid till we get a solid ground freeze on…

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I was in Whooper before the snow and it was holding up well. No need to scream bloody murder over a few mud holes over Km’s of trail. The mud holes that are present are in most part avoidable. In all reality the fire road was the softest.

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Scoped out Bowater this morning. No snow. Nothing but hero dirt! Will be even better tomorrow as it firms up even more.


Awesome, thanks for the report Derek.

I’m definitely going to need to check this place out next week, never been looks awesome


It’s amazing when it’s hero dirt.


No bloody murder screams here @Goose :smiley:
Things probably seem more prominent to me when I’m moving slower on foot. I usually try to err on the side of caution so I don’t harsh the mellow of any trail gnomes! I know you do a lot of great work on those trails!