2020 Spring Trail Conditions

Any interest in starting a “spring” trail conditions thread?
I’m particularly interested if westpine is open yet, and what kind of shape duck n run might be after the rain-but also wondering about keppoch,Gore etc before I commit to a trip…


Not sure since the last dump of rain but earlier this week West Pine was in great shape as with Duck and Run. Honestly Duck n Run is probably the driest section of all. It’s in great shape.

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Rode keppoch today , east summit / east of awesome plus a few new trails on east side are all really dry . Roller was damp but fine and chicken cougar was dry as well as new downhill off of it . West summit is closed due to a bridge out .


So is duck and run finished and connected to flat lake now?

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Has been all winter. Rode it frozen and rode it today.

Sweet! Good to know

It’s not officially open yet, but it is rideable end to end.


Fitz is pretty darn good and looks like someone (Pictou County Cycles?) Is maintaining it? New features and blowdowns cleaned up.


Saw quite a few cars there when I rolled by yesterday, no bike racks though. Might have to check it out soon.

Was a pile of cars there on Sunday. 4 other bikes but odly enough only ran into a single person on the trail running with a dog. It’s a bastard to climb but is it ever fun on the way down.


I can’t wait to get there again. I think my summer will have plenty of Fitz fun.

Where exactly is that cool log ride you posted?

I would also like to find out who is doing the work… maybe I can help somehow.

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I planned on doing that too. That log ride is just a bit into Reindeer Road. I’m guessing Pictou Cycles is they had 2 cars there.

Quarry at evil birch has resumed its operations. Just want everyone to know. I went to go ride it and discovered it was open again. Just thought I would let everyone know. Still a super fun trail, although some of the wooden features need some TLC.


I crashed HARD on one of those bridges in the rain last Saturday. The bridge was twisted and I slid out and got a massive hematoma on my left shin. Still a great trail. Best to go in the evening or on the weekend.

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How is the Gorge and P2? Dry?

Line24 has been has had its semi annual brush trim, which is just left everywhere.
I lost a 12spd derailleur tonight after sucking in a branch, just destroyed it.
Its in great shape otherwise!

Some Twisted EBirch bridge-Fallen victim of that last fall same hematoma on shin area.

Gorge 2 days ago was really good besides flying squirrel still soggy.
Today: Nine mile was great new bridges thanks to trails elf’s , other than couple of muddy spots going to Lake, overall dry and flowy.

I rode the gorge last week it was awesome only like two wet spots near the top the only part not rideable is squirrel one can’t remember the name but it has a lot of berms that’s the only trail up there washed out

I’ve been wanting to go to keppoch So They are open? I’ve heard about, it they are like 3 hrs away from Halifax aren’t they?
Was wondering the price, an they have a shuttle to don’t they?
Any info would help.