2021 Trail Conditions

Recognizing that winter is not the only time trail conditions are important, let’s use this thread to post and share conditions year round.


McIntosh Run is reporting on Trailforks the following trails are currently closed:

Duck n Run
Joe Cracker
Upper West Pine
West Pine

With the following reporting wet and damaging conditions:
Clark Kent
Alternate Exit
In n Out
The Attic

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Anyone look at Whopper lately?


It’s good to go. Most of Whopper sheds water really well.

Daminion/scotch is damp but no standing water. A few muck holes on flipside in the usual places. Lake loop is dry.


McIntosh Run is dry. Clark Kent is dry and fast.


Clark Kent is really nice, unfortunately was pretty packed with people when I rode through so couldn’t get much of a flow going. Reminds me of Bottle Rocket down in Kentville (probably my favourite trail).

Found some water holes in what I believe was Lou’s Basement or started out as anyway (find that area of Mcintosh hard to follow unless there are a lot of blue marks on the rocks) but those may be year round water holes by the looks of them.


There are plenty of wet spots in the basement that always seem wet; I always figured that’s part of how it got the name. Some of them are granite depressions that just won’t drain without drilling a channel in the granite or filling it with rock/gravel. I think there are some others that we could attack someday, though.

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I hadn’t ventured through Lou’s Basement previously, ran into a few “this is blue?” sections and eventually ducked back out onto The Attic, let me know not to bother looking for all the black stuff everyone seems to be riding lately lol.


Lou’s is super fun rip, but there is one roll section that has 2 main lines, both look worse then they are…but going too far right is definitely not an option

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I should probably go through it with someone that actually rides there, didn’t see any blue marks through it so was just assuming I was choosing the right way through.


A lot of the singletrack at Shubie is dry and clear, except for a couple little wet spots.

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Lous is fun for sure, bit of a hidden gem honestly but ridden the right way round it’s a good time

I like Lou’s in both directions, but anticlockwise is my favourite. Some features that are still pretty gnarly. There’s one roll down that I’ve yet to hit. Might give it a go this summer.


@brightwhite Sarcasm?

Not at all. It’s a spot where someone I know broke his neck, so it usually gives me pause. Lou’s is great.


Any info on conditions at clark Kent and Duck n Run?

Dry, hit it!


So got a tour through Lou’s today with Ian going counterclockwise and whatever I got myself into attempting to follow it clockwise was not Lou’s, or the Attic, or Osprey or Spar or Divide so I’m not sure what I was into but it wasn’t Lou’s that I was encountering the water holes on.

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Bird sanctuary in Kentville is drying up really nicely, P2 is dry but not leaf blown. Dunno about the Gorge.