Across The Highlands MTB Challenge

It’s baaaack…AHC July 16/16 in Cheticamp. If you’ve never been to AHC you are missing out on one of the best run events in the maritimes (and the best post-ride meal).

With long, medium and short route options there is something for everyone. And it’s not a race so it’s just a whole lot of fun and comraderie.

We had a good size crew there last year. Would be great to ride it as an ECMTB “team” again.


More info and registration on the Velo Club Cheticamp website.

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I blew out my knee and I ate at least 4 pieces of pizza afterward! Good times!:grin:

Love to go again this year, but conflicts with a scheduled century in PEI on the same day.
It was a great time last year, and the organization was top notch.

If schedules change, I might be inclined to make a last minute decision to go.
Haven’t swung a leg over my flatbar all season, but when has that prevented me from doing the sensible thing?

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Did this last year for the first time. It’s very well organized and a ton of fun… Waiting on my July schedule to see if I can do it again, sure hope so.

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Message from Michel Aucoin:

Hi everyone,

If you’ve already registered for AHC-2016, then you’ve already received this email, and I apologize for sending it to you twice. If not, it’s not too late to register and there are plenty of spots left. The post ride meal will again include all you can eat fresh crab, also options of steak or vege.

I’ve attached topo maps of the routes for AHC-2016. We will send shortly maps that more user friendly, but these should give you a good idea of the course options and elevations. Although we propose 3 different route options : 1) Leisurely-scenic, 2) Adventure, and 3) Marathon, there are several exit points that lead to the finish. So, depending on how you feel during the ride, you can add or subtract kms.

Leisurely-scenic. (25 km) Route : from Start to Pit Stop 2, then follow blue route back to the Finish. This is a fairly easy route with no difficult climbs; lots of stunning mountain, ocean and river vistas.
Adventure (35-46) If you follow the main route to Pit Stop 4 and follow the blue route back to the Finish, you will have covered 35 km, and avoided the 2 major steep climbs. Feeling great, you can continue instead along the main green route to Pit Stop #5 and take a short cut (not highlighted on map) to Pit Stop 6, avoiding the major climbs and covering 46 km. We’ll point out short cut at Pit Sop # 5. There is also the option of exiting at Pit Stop # 4 but adding 1 or both major climbs (orange routes on map). (These are quite challenging)
Marathon (51-60) If you ride the main route (green) going through all Pit Stops, and avoiding the 2 steep climbs(orange) you will have covered 51 km. Add both climbs and cover 61 km. Add only one climb and cover 56 or 57 km.

Register online :


All you can eat crab!! Best post ride meal ever :smile:


Sunday, July 10th is last day for Registration

@Nige you in?

Think so. I have family arriving from Ireland the night before. Still trying to work out logistics of getting to C.B. In time…you staying in Cheticamp or driving up from Sydney?

We’re just staying in Cheticamp.

I rode this with Skull, Tom, Jim and Doug back in 2006 I think. Pretty good ride. Very hot that day and the last climb before Cheticamp was a gas.


Good luck to all! Have fun and I wish I could be there!

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@Rolls I saw your Strava post. How was the event this year? Did you do the long course, or was that the middle distance? Ride Report?

@Maritimer that was the full route minus a short optional loop that I missed.

I found it wasn’t as well organized this year as it was in the past. There were a few hiccups, likely a function of the lead organizer not being available. He had a prior committment that kept him from being there.

Overall though the event was great and we had a blast. Can’t wait to do it again next year.

Cool…I ended up doing a metric century event over in PEI. It was a nice getaway, and Vicki had her best 100k ever, but the event itself was kinda lame. Local community clique thing. Wouldn’t repeat next year. I haven’t touched my MTB all year. I definitely want to do AHC next year, though.

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Has anyone heard anything about AHC for this year?
I pinged the Facebook page this morning but maybe someone here is ‘in the know’

Velo Club Cheticamp has taken over the event going forward, maybe try them as well. It’s usually Feb/Mar before they make any announcements though.

Let us know if you get any info, I definitely plan on going again this year.

Thanks, I didn’t realize it was the Cheticamp club taking it over permanently.
I’ll let you know if I hear anything.

I was planning on doing this last year but couldn’t make it. I am definitely up for it this year!

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