Anyone put on their ice tires yet?

I’m putting mine on today I think.

Put mine on yesterday… snow seems a little crunchier today too.

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Looking at thew 7 day forecast we might have riding coming up in the Halifax area. Snow then a bit of a thaw followed by -2 to -4 for a few days.

Today and yesterdays -12 should have sunk into the ground hopefully. (my theory)

Yeah, hopefully the ground will be frozen. That thaw followed by a bit of cold may make for perfect icy conditions I hope.

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I just use my normal tires year round, icy patches are an extra challenge, of course I’m not riding solid ice trails though. I think I’m going straight to the xc skis this winter, there’s so little traffic on the trails here that the snow never gets packed down enough and it’s often post holed from hikers.

I’ve got an old Kona Chute that has studded (screws) tires permanently installed, waiting for use. Need a good lake freeze before I’ll head out, do most of my riding in the Hospital Hill area behind Sambro and there is no faking it there, glare ice trails, sometimes a foot more thick. Good times.

@tossedsalad, I’ve been thinking of trying a ride out there for years. I used to live near Fawcet’s Cove.

It’s good for some winter riding is it? I suspect we need a good freeze, though.

Having been hearing about Hospital Hill for years but have never checked it out… one of these days! Probably first noticed it in the printed trail guide I have kicking around here somewhere!

I was in Wrandees at 3:30 for a quick snow shoe around the pipeline loop with the dog. It had a ways to go before it was root free and ride-able. Hopefully, the snow we’re having now will fill it in some more.

Haven’t switched my tires over yet. Am seriously looking forward to the winter riding scene. Definitely will have to keep wrandees and skull on the radar for the weekly rides…maybe hospital hill as well?

I went out and snowshoed Wrandees from Cowie Hill Rd almost to the Pipeline end and back. Most areas had decent snowshoe tracks through although there was a couple of km where I couldn’t find existing lines. I’m planning on going out again sunday to try to pack things down before the freeze if temperatures are cool enough. I just put on the studded tires.
hmm, it would be cool to have a winter trail report forum where we could post on snowshoeing progress/ where the fatbikes have broken trail/ what’s been noted as ridable or not.


Good stuff, @ryansutc!

I was out last night with my wife and daughter and did the pipeline loop from Exhibition park. I bet its pretty sloppy today though.

Posted a new topic to discuss the trail conditions. Thanks for the suggestion!

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My studs are going on this week. Nothing but sub zero temps in the long range forecast. Giddyup!

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I replaced all of my missing studs on Boxing Day and did a pavement ride to hopefully seat them. I rode Evil Birch in the snow last Saturday, but without studs. (Studded tires are on a different set of wheels.)