The Mcintosh Run trail system is receiving some TLC in terms of trail repairs. With that being said some trails have and will experience some changes. Some cheater lines will stay while others that make the single track wide enough for a pick up will be realigned to it’s original lines.

The reason for this post is that in particular Osprey has seen the most recent changes. I’ve learned of a fellow rider that incurred damages to both himself and his bike today due to these changes.

Please ride with caution if you haven’t been out lately and be aware of new changes and adjustments to the trails.

Ride safe.


If we could also eliminate the “shame” of walking a section, or of practicing a section to get better at it, that would be great too. A lot of the “cheater” lines are from people who don’t think they can handle the feature. Thanks for the heads up, Goose!


Just curious now, what section it was?

I would caution anyone to ride at a speed where they can react to hazards on the trail. Trails are changing all the time by trail crews, by rider use and weather.

Additionally, there are people, kids, dogs and trail debris out there to watch out for.

I’ve learned of a fellow rider that incurred damages to both himself and his bike today due to these changes.

I don’t think it is fair to blame trail adjustments.


Thanks for the heads up.

I am all about loosing the cheater lines and dont understand people plowing through bushes at all.

I do however think the speeds at which some people are riding certain sections of these trails need to be taken into consideration. The faster things get, typically lines around cornering with respect to entrances and exits start to change. Fight is also unique due to the lack of trees and bar grabbers which will allow for peoples cornering or overall line choice to become a-lot broader.

I think the education piece that needs to be pushed out is, “The Why”

blatent cut through lines aside, I personally dont understand why wider isn’t better.

This is by no means a slam or discredit to the phenomenal work MRWA does.




All the changes I saw this weekend on Osprey were for the better IMO. I don’t dispute the fact that someone got hurt and that sucks

Are you saying they took a cheater line and got hurt? I only know of one cheater line on Osprey and it helps you avoid the steep rock roll if that is what your skill level dictates or you prefer. I fully admit there may be others but I am unaware of them if so. I haven’t seen any adjustment that makes things more dangerous or difficult

Again, I am not disputing that it happened but like @JeffV I am curious to know where this happened and not sure it is fair to “blame” the trail


Heavy use and higher speeds have shifted the trail away from the original granite in some places. Trail crews have placed boulders to reclaim the original lines and avoid further damage to the surrounding vegetation. I believe this is the section where someone wiped out.


Beware the Gargoyles!


I can’t even picture where that is on Osprey, what is just before it?

It’s reasonably early in the trail, my guess is about here based on the TrailForks map.


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Odd, not sure why I don’t recognize it. I’'ll pay attention tonight, there is only one cheater line in that stretch I have really ever taken notice to.

The berm is new so that may be why it doesn’t look familiar.


ahh that makes sense, thanks

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Saw it them night, guess I never noticed them last time out

Maybe this is just me hating on what Strava promotes, because it’s all it can really measure- speed. Folks that need/want cheater lines are probably not travelling at speeds that make these changes a hazard. This is obviously speculation on my part, but is also a plea to just go out and enjoy yourself and not to worry about imaginary internet points.

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There’s more to Strava than fastest times.


I noticed an increase in cheater lines decades ahead of strava, about around the time when people started pushing mega travel hucking machines through the woods. Or maybe I’m remembering it differently.


Strava = racecar not bike maintenance e, social connection, the route tools or anything else. Also fucking tracking personal progress am I right.

Cheater lines have always been around, and I fully support them. My comment was specifically about high speeds on cheater lines.

Oh, I must have misunderstood.

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Why would you support cheater lines? Ride the trail as the builder intended