Bear Scare Ride, Sunday Nov 9, 1:00pm

I’ve been wanting to do the Bear Scare loop around Five Mile Lake for some time now, and I think this will be the year.

The traditional loop starts in Tantallon ( but I am thinking of starting at the carpool parking lot at Highway 101, exit 4. It will be just a bit over 50km almost all on logging road. I’m thinking a steady pace but I’m not going for any KOM’s so probably 3 hours. No one will be left behind to “feed the bears”!

Sunday, November 9
Haven’t decided on a time, whatever works for most people, maybe 10am?
Here’s a map of the route

Anyone interested?

Yeah I’d be up for that for sure, sounds like fun. @bent6543 have you done the loop before?

I haven’t done it before! I’ll definitely be loading the GPS with the tracklog for this one.

So far as I know November 9th works for me but I wouldn’t be able to leave until 1pm at the earliest, might be a little late if it starts to get dark. Having said that, 17km/h sounds reasonable for logging road.

Yeah @Adam the time will be back an hour by then but it should be light up until 6pm. 1 pm would still give some extra time before dark just in case a “3 hour tour” turns into longer for reasons beyond our control.

Interested for sure, Would depend on when of course.

Just read the additional comments…my bad. I will try to make it.

I really would like to do this, too.
Tentatively holding that weekend for a visit from my dad, but he often leaves early on Sunday, so a midday start would still be possible.

Rule 9 in effect? Rain or shine?

I’m gonna say maybe, if it’s sustained rain on the day I’ll cancel but a brief shower or drizzle and I’d still be up for it. Will have to make the call in the morning of the ride if it’s threatening bad weather.

Hey folks…time to revive this.
The ride is still planned for this weekend? (More of a question than a statement)

Long range looks clear and cool. Nice riding weather. Dad is still planning on visiting, so I can probably get away around noon or so. I don’t think we’d want to plan for much later than a 1pm departure. Sunset is 5pm today.

Yes it’s a go as long as the forecast holds. 1pm Departure from the 101 exit 4 carpool lot. (earlier if everyone is there)

I’d leave at noon but I’m trying to accommodate as many people as possible. @adam can’t make it there much before 1pm. I’m packing a light just in case.

@rolls? @riderx? anyone else?

@bent6543 I’m a tentative yes - I’ll know for certain near the end of the week. 1pm is fine with me though, and I do have a light as well.

@bent6543, @Rolls, @Maritimer Definitely still in with a (conservative) ETD of 1pm, hope to see you guys there. I don’t have a real MTB’ing light, but my light is pretty decent for riding on road at night, so it should do in a pinch. I hope to make it to the Exit 4 carpool lot by 12:45pm but that is about the best I can hope for. My church service in Windsor usually lasts until noon recently and then I have to do some tech teardown there, eat & change. Ideally I would ride to the lot (it’s about a 20-30min ride from my house) but looks like I will have to drive, especially if I can make it there for 12:45pm.

Sunday is looking like good weather right now… thoughts on tires? I’m thinking my small block 8s would be good if the surface is dry. I’ve ridden some of it on my road bike with 25s, but only the good gravel by the 101.

@adam, we’ll wait for you if you’re running a bit behind.

As far as lights go I don’t think we’ll need them but ‘commuter’ lights would be fine if we get stuck out in the dark, it’s just logging road. Plus if a couple of people have lights they can shine the way for the rest.

Small block 8’s should be fine, I’m putting on some 1.95 IRC MythosXC, they’re skinny and not very aggressive in the tread department.

Hey @Adam @bent6543

I put some 40mm Schwalbe cross tires (ricky racers? or something) when I went to Elgin. I’ve been on the service road with them and they were better than the stock tires. I haven’t been off the service road so I can’t comment on the logging roads. I figure if I can get through 40k of Elgin with them, I can handle the logging roads.

I don’t have much for riding lights, but I’ll bring a mag light for emergencies.


@Maritimer you should be fine, the conditions should be the same as Elgin. Bring a spare tube or 2, I’ll be carrying 26" ones.

@bent6543 I have to bail, I’m tied up late Sunday afternoon. I’ll probably go for a spin earlier so the day isn’t a total write off. Have a good ride.

Just an update @adam @Maritimer , the weather looks good for Sunday cloudy and warm-ish so the ride is on. I should be at the carpool lot around 12:45.

Excellent! See you between 12:45 and 1

Yup, sounds good. Still planning on being there.
If I can tear myself away from the trainer, that is!

Whoooo…good times on the trainer!