It’s nasty outside so I’ve been digging through some bins. I have some bearings to give away if you can use them.
2x 638 RS
4x SMRA 2437 LLB
2x MR 17286 - MAX
4x 15268
1x 6805-2RS


New bearings? Used?

Edit: doesnt really matter. I’ll take the 6901 and 6902 off your hands. If any of the bearings are 17x28x7 I’d take those too, but I dont think any are.

Oops. I just discovered my Vault hub takes 4 6902 so I’ll probably hold on to them. The rest are new and you are welcome to them.
I’m at work tomorrow and Thursday, are you still at Michelin?

Close. It doesn’t have that last digit on the bearing, as far as I can see but it’s MR 17286 on the label.

Yep. I’m on days tomorrow 6am-230pm

I’ll pm you in the morning.