Bedford trail off the 102

Hey all,

It has been along since I’ve been to this trail. Does anyone know the name of the trail? It’s up hill on a logging road. At around the top you get into the trail to the left. I remember it being hard to find. Is there something I should be looking out for?

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Is that the logging road from the Hammonds Plains Road exit? Should be a fire road on the right going out HPR just past the 102 overpass.

Never been on it but have seen Strava posts from up there.

@mattzilla I think you’re referring to the Rifle Range trails. Here’s a link.

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Thank you Rolls!

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A bit of discussion about that that here as well:

Seems it isn’t as popular as it used to be and possibly in bad shape.

The old way in from further up the road isn’t to bad, however half way through the dirt bikers linked up to the trail and it got very rough due to the ruts. Once you get to the down hill part the trail is fantastic. There are quite a few drops, jumps and wooden ramps/bridges. Great for all skill levels.

Next time I go back I am going to hike my bike up the dirt bike path near the large open area and just do the down hill part.

There are quite a few trails in there, but the dirt bikes have it ripped up quite a bit. Its not too bad right now as its so dry, but when its wet its impossible due to the holes/ruts, they just fill with water.

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