BEST Mountain Biking in NS?

So I moved here from BC and Im looking to get into some riding. My expectation is pretty high as I have been spoiled living in Vancouver and riding the North Shore and surrounding area. Now I live close to Halifax but I am willing to drive if its worth my while. I have ridden out by spryfield and I like it but I am wondering if there are any small mountain trail systems? I found Keppoch and I am wondering if the local ski hills do anything? They don’t reply to emails. Thanks!!


Your in a different world. Not much here for DH, time for a trail bike for all the rocks and roots.

Check out for trails.

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I would recommend Wentworth, Keppoch, and possibly Grey Mountain. The riding is going to be very different than BC (we top out around 200m elevation), but there are some steep lines at those riding areas that are quite fun and might fit the bill better than riding around HRM. Depending on what sort of features you’re looking for, there might be other areas that you’d like better.

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ya i got a sweet all mountain cross country rig. I’ve been beat up locally by the rocks and roots but wouldn’t mind a worthwhile long cross country single track to ride

Fitzpatrick mountain has some decent XC etc


oh, you poor bastard

My favorite place other than keppech is the the fight trail in Halifax because it’s so unique

Yeah, McIntosh Run is pretty special. A lot of features look intimidating at first, but once you get used to it you can get some great flow on the granite.


We have fewer trails, though on a per-capita basis I think Nova Scotia is doing well – and getting better all the time. I find it hard to define “best”. I like all types of riding.

For the climb-descend riding that is typical of B.C., the advice already given here is excellent: Keppoch, Fitz. And apparently the folks at Wentworth are killing it on the trail building front (I haven’t been there myself, lately).

In terms of uniqueness: McIntosh Run. I’ve personally given trail tours to NSMBA trail builders, factory reps, and other folks who have ridden in many places. Everyone is blown away that we have terrain and trails like this so close to downtown Halifax. Nature has given us a gift.


I couldn’t agree more with your last sentence
Mr stubborn goat.
I love taking someone there for the first time and experiencing their reaction to one of the most unique trail systems around


The NS ski hills (Martock, Wentworth) aren’t open to mountain biking (although I recall hearing about Wentworth developing trails?). Poley in Sussex, NB (3 hour drive from Halifax) and Sugarloaf (5 hour drive from Halifax) in Campbellton, NB are the nearest ski hills open to Mountain bikes (not counting Keppoch because I don’t think they offer lift-serviced alpine skiing).

We do have lots of trails scattered around the province, but not much with extended downhill or a lot of North-Shore-esque technical trail features. Most of our trails are punchy-up, punchy-down kind of trails, throw in lots of roots and rocks.

The best place to ride around here is Wentworth. There’s nothing any good in Halifax.

That’s a pretty bold statement there, Dave


Huh, mtb’d in Halifax for thirty years and not only are there a number of great trails to choose from you can actually bike to them all in as little as 15 to 30 minutes which I think is pretty unique for an urban area.


I’m sure there is a huge community of cyclists that would disagree with that statement, myself included. You might not like the trails in Halifax but lots do and they are starting to get national recognition- see the recent feature on Pinkbike.


@David1 out of curiosity, which trails in HRM have you ridden?


Line 24


Empire trails in Gore are fun. A series of loops with some fun descending.
It’s on private land and costs a couple of bucks but only 45 minutes from the city. for more info


Where is l24?

In shubie. Where that line runs along the 118. Not a ton of trail there but fun to play around on


Fundy NP has 15-20 min DH/XC if you dont mind driving 4hrs.

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