Best type of chain lube for NS? Suggestions

Looking for suggestions on the best type of chain lube for our NS conditions?
*Part protection
*Least amount of application

I used wd40 bike chain lube there’s dry and wet and it’s been good I think I got it at Canadian tire so pretty easy to get

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I’ve had good luck with their wet lube. It’s $10-15 at Cyclesmith depending on the bottle size.
Plus it’s fun to say Muc-off :smiley:

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I have been using Finish Line Wet Lube for 20+ years

I guess you could make the argument to switch to dry lube in dry conditions but I have never bothered

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Um . . . I use sunflower oil. Yup . . . sunflower oil and have been using it for years on all my fatties. I have no idea it it is good for dry or wet conditions. :slight_smile: I did switch to soy oil for a bit but I found that gunk would build up more quickly.

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Finish line ceramic wet and done. Year round no matter the conditions.

Finish Line green logo. Wet I think.


Muc off wet for wet and muc off dry for dry.

I use Pro gold Prolink chain lube on my trail and road bike.

I used Pedros Synlube for years, not sure if you can get it anymore. Ran Finish Line Dry last summer which I liked and I am using Pro Gold now and it seems good so far

What you use is less important than doing a good job of keeping your drivetrain relatively clean and having some type of lubricant on it.

For what it’s worth, I use the Finish Line wet lube most of the time, but switch over to Muc Off Dry Lube during the dry(ish) season.


Been running finish line wet since October… with the dirty conditions I completely clean rhe chain with degreaser weekly and reapply… come may I’ll switch to the dry lubricant

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Agree with what Ghost mentioned. I generally clean my chain after every ride and apply dry lube. If when I am getting ready to ride conditions are wet I will apply a little wet lube in addition.

I don’t think this generally recommended, I think most lube companies will suggest one or the other and not mixing.

Waxing has interested me for a while, was hoping someone would chime in and suggest that they took that approach.

I tried waxing once and it was really painful when they pulled off the tape.


Waxing went out of style about the same time as wool shorts and chamois made out of actual chamois. It never really caught on in mountain biking, the water mixed up with mud and dirt made short work of the wax coat.


Squirt for the last year. Brilliant stuff, biodegradable, and lasts many rides with little to no gunk. It’ll wash off fairly easily with water and a brush when the drivetrain gets nasty. Just wash, dry, and reapply a few hours later and you’ll be good to go for several rides. Tried ceramic, dry, wet, in a few brands and highly prefer Squirt.


Yep. Squirt for me too, year round.


I save the fat from the pan after frying up a feed of smelts, best chain lube for maritime conditions.


I’ve never heard of this before and now it has two people singing its praises.

Same here, been using it for years. I’m tried numerous other ones (White Lightening Clean Ride - too thin/watery, Pedro’s Ice Wax - too thick). Squirt is the Goldy Locks, just right.

I was given or won some sort of Muc-Off chain lube years ago. Put it on a freshly cleaned chain, it proceeded to pick up every little bit of dirt and grit on the trail. It went in the trash when I got home! I wish I could remember what model it was as I’ve avoided Muc-off products ever since because of it.
*It may have been C3 wet ceramic lube, but that’s a shot in the dark *

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