Bike Cave / Bike or Gear Workshop Ideas - Show some Pictures

I’m about to start building a workspace in a small basement room in my house. Looking for ideas and things you don’t like. Only have one bike(Trance and Fuji are for sale), but lots of boat gear. Ice climbing gear is all sold. Show me your caves!

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Not a bike man cave but rather my music cave


Nice selection of instruments and setup!

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Thanks Man. That means a lot coming from you
I could use a sweet deal on a new overdrive pedal :slight_smile:

I was in the same situation, new house had no garage, just a small room in basement for me to use as a shop. 1st year I did nothing, this past fall I did a small reno, floors, and a bench/tool wall.


Tool wall:

Managed to shove a motorcycle inside the back door and rebuild it

and now with new floors and bench


Looking at converting a room in my basement too. Been down many rabbit holes the past few weeks looking for ideas. Interested to see what’s out there.



This is the workshop corner of my garage. That bench used to be a full 4x8 when it was in my shed in our last house, but it’s been cut down to fit into this alcove, and honestly it’s more useful at this size anyway. The Husky tool bag on the right was a birthday gift from my wife a decade ago and it’s amazing. Keeps the tools easily at hand, but can quickly unhook it and take it with you to a race or weekend away.


I lucked in to a decent amount of space in the basement. I do need to add a couple more bike hooks.
There was 1 shelf when we moved in and I built 2 more. The work bench is 14 feet long and arguably too tall for anyone but myself, but I wanted to be able to get the toolbox out if needed. The far end of the toolbox also has a Milwaukee pack out rolling setup that is overflow storage or I use it if I need to take tools places. I used the pack out setup in the apartment for tool storage and it was awesome. But it may end up out in the shed in favour of more shelving at that far end of the bench.


I use the back wall of one side of my garage.

Easy access, L-shaped bench, movable toolbox and bike stand, enough cupboard space to store parts and other junk. Enough space for ski tuning and other non-bike work.

The doors under the workbench get in the way more than they are useful, Poor lighting (easily fixed), concrete floor that is a black hole for any small parts that fall.
Looking at this picture, I should paint those doors!


Why do the doors get in the way? Just their existence in general? I have a hate on for closet doors.

Question for all: Why does pegboard(4x8 sheets) holes not match up with available hardware? The hooks that go into it are always much smaller in diameter than the holes in the pegboard.

I picked up this bench for 100$ on sale and it’s great for holding spare parts and tools. I have this, and parktools stand, some hooks for storing bikes/wheels/tires, and a trainer. Works well for my space.


Yes, their existence in general, they hook clothing, always seems to be something in front of the one you want to open. They encourage people (kids) to open them and just toss random stuff in there.
Shelves would be better.

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@Nige bonus points for the Across The Highlands number plate.

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Mostly for my snowboard collection but the odd bike makes it in here.


I’m in absolute awe of the level of organization and neatness in these pics!

My bike room has always looked like this and dont anyone dare touch anything cuz I know EXACTLY where to find everything when I need it. :sweat_smile:


Don’t mind the lawnmower, I’ll eventually get rid of it to make room for more bikes :joy:
I epoxied the floor which looks and feels better then the dusty concrete, but isn’t any better when you drop stuff on it, and the bench tool box works for the space I have.


Very clean looking Kev👍

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This is the first setup that truly speaks to me.