Brunello Skills Park... anyone heard anything about this?


Brunello said yes, open to the public.





Sizes are up in the air at this point. First few will be on the more beginner and intermediate level in size, partially due to the terrain in the area we’re working in now, and to give people a good starting place. In time I’d like to see some more advanced options added.

We have one in now (well… it’s more of a step down then a true drop) that would be about 2 feet to the transition. More coming soon.


I had to move this to its own topic.


2ft drops are going to be great for beginners to get a taste of the adrenaline.
I’d love to see a few 7-10ft drops as well???
Wink wink…

Thanks for the efforts regardless, anything close to home is better then nothing👊


So this trail will be near that golf course ?


@Evan29 it will be on the golf course land, right about here:


Ok nice