Cush core questions

Hello everyone,

I have decided it would be smart for me to start running inserts in my tires to help with rim protection and tire roll. I am likely going to get cushcore, but I am trying to decide if I want to run it front and rear or just out back. I like the benefits of the insert and would like to run it front and rear but it is heavy and will add a pound of rotational weight to my bike which I’m not a big fan of. Has anyone had experience running them front and rear and has advice? Thanks.

I run a Huck Norris in my rear tire only. It is substantially lighter than anything else out there, cheaper, and still offers rim protection. It won’t offer the same bead lock as cushcore but it helps some. My main concern was that if I run any less than about 32 psi in the back I ding my rim on roots and rocks. I’m able to run 28 psi now with no issues or dings or tire burps. I also weight 265 lbs and if I drop the pressure any more than 28 the rear tire is just a wet noodle on climbs. I ran the rear at 25 psi with no issues other than I didn’t like the feeling but I didn’t feel my rim hit anything and although I thought the tire was going to come off it never did. I’m also running a relatively light Maxxis Highroller 2 tire with EXO casing, no DD or DH casings as the tires are too heavy, I realize with a stiffer casing I could probably run lower pressures but I’m not in need of any more rear tire grip.

@supercraig probably has a little more in-depth info on the Huch Norris system as I got mine through him and Ironstone Cyclery. I was originally interested in the cush core but he countered with the lighter huck norris and since I am not Richie Rude the lighter weight insert made more sense, I may weigh more than Richie but I definitely don’t charge harder.


I run a Vittoria airliner in the rear only on my bike. Ive been able to drop pressure significantly and not feel my rim hitting stuff. Like @a.mart I was running close to 30psi and have been able to drop below 23psi with the addition of the insert.

I’d just go with a single in the back as its not worth the weight penalty in the front. YMMV

Right now I’m thinking a good compromise could be to run cushcore in the rear and a huck Norris in the front. The rear tire is fine for general use but I need to run 28psi (keep in mind I’m only 140lbs) and it pings off roots and rocks at that pressure. If I run it low enough to have grip and to conform it rolls when I push hard in a corner or berm, so I think cushcore would really help with both those things. And most importantly rim protection. I agree the weight penalty is hard to swallow for the front wheel. Does huck Norris do a good enough job of protecting your rims? Seems less robust.

I recently installed Cush Core front and rear, and will post a short video clip soon showing why I like them both front and rear. Lower tire pressures are great, the insert provides sidewall stability, and it does actually provide some ride dampening. It’s a big pain to install a tire with those liners; but I think it’s worth it.

I have had no issues with feeling my rear rim touch anything with the huck norris. I also run around 25/26 psi in my front tire and have never had any grip or rolling issues. How wide are your rims vs your tires? Are your rims maybe a bit narrow for the wide tires? I feel like you should be able to run less than 28 psi just due to the fact that you weigh over 100 lbs less than me. I don’t question that you probably push harder than I do, but even so my weight even at slower speeds is going to push a tire to roll and I have no issues.


Ditto here, I run the Airliner in my rr tire. Love the security of knowing I can run lower pressure without slamming the rim on big rock hits.

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I have stans flow mk3 rims 28 or 29 internal width I believe. Rear tire is 2.35 with a casing 3x60tpi. The front tire is 2.4 and 3x30tpi and I run 19psi. They seem to sit well on the rim, maybe I just need a stiffer sidewall.

Just starting running the airliner in my rear with an exo casing and a 2.3. I was running a DD in a 2.5 with about 23-28 psi and Am destroying rims.

So far so good.

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My follow-up:

How long have some of you been running the liner(s)? I’m curious how they hold up/how long they last.

I’ve been considering the Vittoria Airliner for the rear but haven’t bit the bullet yet.

About 18 mths w the Airliner. Have ridden it home flat once too after tearing a sidewall on some shale.


I’ve had my airliner since the start of last season.

There is a Cushcore XC option too for max of 2.4 inch tires. It saves about 100g vs the normal Cushcore Pro.


I’ve been riding mine for a whopping two weeks. From the reviews I’ve read, though, most of the liners hold up really well. The Huck Norris seemed to take a bit of a beating, but something like the Airliner or Cush Core will likely hold up much better.

Max 2.4? That could be a good option for me then. My rear is 2.35.

That’s what they say on the site.
Pretty sure you can buy singles of cushcore too, if you don’t wanna drop for a full set. Or find someone to share a set with and both do your rear tires only.

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I’ve been running and racing Airliners for a year now, F&R. Overall I’m happy with them although I’ve had a recurring issue with the rear. The Airliner pops out of its seat in the rim and is then flopping around inside the tire. The first time it happened I thought maybe the diameter was too large so I trimmed the Airliner, but it has happened again a few times…kind of a pain to take everything apart and re-seat, deal with sealant etc etc.
Reminds me…I have to contact Vittoria to see what the deal is.

Mine did the same thing, so I removed tire and got it as tight on the rim as I could. I think mine still moves a tiny little bit, but I can’t notice it while riding.

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Fastvak and Josh, I had this happen initially when I just cut it to length and put it in the tire.
Realized afterwards that you’re supposed to connect the two ends together via a zip tie (awl a small hole in each end and use the zip tie to connect the ends) and that gives it a set circumference as tight or loose to the rim as you like. I don’t pull mine supertight to the rim, I love that it’s very easy to install or remove the tire if there’s a bit of play btwn the rim and airliner. Cheers.


Yeah I used the ziptie from the beginning . Not sure if it makes a difference while out on the trail but I guess just knowing that its flopping around in there is a bit unsettling.