DH @ Ward Mountain

Does anyone know if the Ward mountain DH trail still exists in Kentville.
If so, are there any directions on how to find the trailhead?
I didn’t see anything listed in the “Trail” category.


In the past it was kind of an “invite only” trail system where you were only supposed to ride if certain people were present as that was the agreement with the landowner. I don’t know if that is still true.

The land owner has stopped allowing access to bikes/atvs/etc.
I’m pretty sure that hasn’t changed. @pepperjester would know for sure.

Oh that’s to bad, I was hoping to ride some new DH runs this week.

Thx for the info

It is off limits. Do not ride.


I don’t want to get into all the details and this was pretty hard on me loosing this place this spring, but the gist of what happened is someone was an jerk to the land owners so we all got kicked out. Fair play on the owners side. Sucks big time for those of us who have been riding there and working on those trails for a decade, but it’s not my land so I have to do what is asked.

There is a sliver of hope that we might get access again in the future, but for now, please do not ride, hike, snowshoe, ATV, dirt bike, etc… at the site.

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Pepperjester, do you have any secret jumps lines or DH in the valley you’d care to PM me a location to?


Alas, not much at this time, loosing Ward set me back on that mentally and well trail wise too.
I’ve got a few ideas brewing but it’ll be some time before making a move…

Ok sounds good. It would be motivation killer to lose a trail like that after putting so much effort into it.
One bad apple spoils it for the bunch.

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