ECMTB Epic Road Trip Contest - 2021

Our summer of riding is beginning!!

So here’s a contest we cooked up to add to the fun.

ECMTB Epic Road Trip Contest - 2021

ECMTB Epic Road Trip - 2021 - Rules.pdf (154.4 KB)

Trail Systems Map:
ECMTB Epic Road Trip - 2021 - Map.pdf (288.6 KB)

This is the thread to register your participation in and to post your trail system check ins.

For convenience, here are the rules, but the two pdfs above take precedence over this in case if discrepancy.

The Rules

Points are collected by visiting and riding a trail system in the list of trails covering the maritime provinces. Some trail systems will be worth more points than others based on distance from other trail systems.

Participants must have an login to enter.

Reply to the contest thread to let us know you are participating and we will add you to our scoring sheet. Rides prior to joining the contest do not count.

Register A Ride

  • Register - make a reply to this thread with the trail system name, the #ecmtb_roadtrip label and proof (strava track or photo at trailhead) and
  • Share the Stoke - make a post to Instagram or Facebook with tag #ecmtb_roadtrip and mention of @ecmtb_net and @mtbatlantic.
  • Support Local - Mention any local businesses you hit up for extra points.

Rides must be registered within 72 Hours of the ride.

Contest starts immediately and ends on the last day of Mountain Bike Atlantic Summit (26 Sept 2021).

Repeat visits to the same trail system do not count twice.

Participants must have points in at least 2 provinces to win.

Participants are expected to obey any COVID-19 restrictions in place.

Participants must respect trail system rules and avoid riding in conditions that would cause damage.

We reserve the right to stop the contest early, or add / remove trail systems if COVID-19 restrictions or other unforeseen circumstances warrant such action.

The Trail Systems

Trails systems are selected that have:

  • trailhead sign
  • on trailforks
  • minimum of 15kms of trails (with some exceptions)

Trail Systems have been scored a point value based on:

  • distance from other trail systems
  • lift or shuttle access
  • balancing the contest

(our apologies if your favorite local trail system is missing, maybe next year?)

The Scoring

A visit to a trail system on the list gets the number of points associated with the trail system.

Bonus Points

Completist Bonus - 3 pts are awarded if all trail systems in a province have been collected. (up to 3)

Vagabond Bonus - 3 pts are awarded if any two trail systems are 500 kms apart.(Google maps) (One time bonus)

Example: Sentiers Madawaska Trails and Mark Arendz Provincial Park at Brookvale.
Example: Sugar Loaf Bike Park and Empire Trails.

Builder Bonus - Make a post to the thread while on a trail build / maintenance day gets 3 points. (One time bonus)

Support Local Bonus - Refer to a local business that you visited and get one point for every 3 shout outs.

The Prizes

Three prizes will be awarded:

Most Points

In each of men’s and women’s categories:

  • hat,
  • stickers
  • $150 gift card for the shop of your choice.
  • free jersey or t-shirt on the next run.

(a draw will be done in event of a tie for the most points in a category)

Participation Draw

Awarded by a draw of name from a hat containing all participants that have met minimum requirements of points in at least two provinces (excludes “Most Points” winners):

  • hat,
  • stickers,
  • $50 gift card for the shop of your choice.
  • free jersey or t-shirt on the next run.

For current points value see the Scoring Sheet.

Bonus Prizes


I know the borders have not opened up yet, but posting the contest now to help you get started locally and give people time to make some plans.

Please respect any restrictions in place.

Good luck, all!


I’m in. Do I get a point for being the first to reply? :rofl:


I’ll add the to my rules list for next year, @Nige!

Awesome. Off to cut the grass then head out to get some points :beers:


I’m in.

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I’m in but I’m still off the bike until September so everyone else has a good head start!


I’ll be at Keppoch this week and have trips to Brookvale and Sugarloaf booked for this summer. I’m in!


I’m in.

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Sweet! guess I’m making new summer plans. lol

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I’m in!!

Gotta say this is an awesome idea. Maybe Tourism NS, NB and PE should be paying attention, they could use more great initiatives like this.


I’m in. Great idea!


McIntosh Run #ecmtb_roadtrip


No Station 6?

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Had a Serpent brew when I got home :snake: :beer:


Does a visit to keppocu 5 days ago count?

Also waiting to get my bike back from tbe shop. It’s in for tuneup to sort out really loud creaking coming from the frame…

#ecmtb_roadtrip Keppoch

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