ECMTB Jerseys - Back By Popular Demand


Put me down for a long sleeve one. Probably medium, but hopefully I can try one on first. When will the order be put in?


Mens Large Short Sleeve please


@TuffRider no order date yet, but it’ll be at least a couple weeks.


Long sleeve…shit, let me check how fat I’ve gotten. I’ll edit with a size once I try on my jersey from last year and check the fit and size. I am still okay with size small!


i would like a men’s large long sleeve


I’ll get the XS should be enough to grow in for my daughter @Rolls thanks!


I may take you up on that before I pull the trigger on one myself if you don’t mind. They look great!


@shadowfox70 men’s or women’s fit? Long or short sleeve?


I’ll have both with me tonight


Women’s xs long sleeve.


I’m in for a at least one.


@riderx size and sleeve length?


long sleeve…medium…I think…will confirm


Men’s medium long sleeve


Men’s xl short sleeve.


XL Long sleeve please. You guys might want to send around one of them Google Forms to make it easier on ya.


We’re tracking all the orders, behind the scenes.


When do they have to be in by


We don’t have a set date yet, but we’d like to place the order this month sometime.


Men’s small short sleeve please