ECMTB Jerseys - Back By Popular Demand


I will take a women’s long sleeve. I only see one sizing chart, are the women’s cut in women’s sizes? I take a women’s medium or men’s small.


Here is the women’s size chart @LMac


@LMac comparing the two charts looks like the women’s M is equivalent to a men’s XS. Let us know if you’re still good with the medium. Thx


It would be cut differently though, right?


Yes, for comparison here’s what the men’s cut looks like.


I’d love a Men’s short sleeve XL please!


Thanks :grin:


Men’s short sleeve large, please :slight_smile:


I’m in for a short sleeve but I have to do some measurements. I’m always directly in between medium and large. I’ll post back when I can find a measuring tape (I’m at work!)


@riderx If you’re getting medium, I think I should too! I know how much beer we drink :wink:


Spread the word to your fellow spuds!


@JeffV Definitely, although most of them aren’t aware or active on the site. I’ve got some ideas in the works that might help promote over here, but the jersey order will likely be done by then. Timing is everything! Hopefully when I show up to rides looking extra sexy in my spanky new duds they’ll all want a piece of the action!


We have a few people who haven’t confirmed the size they want. @TuffRider @LMac and @riderx. Please let us know, thanks!


Note, I am planning to order some smalls for Zoe and Peter and add @Chiz to the list as well. I can update the sheet though. Still need to press my Pictou peeps, :slight_smile:


That would be awesome, @murrdogg . We would really like to make ECTMB more relevant and useful to the rest of Atlantic Canada.


@Ryan02 also expressed interest but wanted to check sizes first.


Can’t remember what my other jersey is and I cut off the tags. It is the perfect size. I am usually women’s medium so I will go with that. Long sleeve. Thank you!


@lmac you had a men’s small in the last jerseys, according to the order sheet:) Does that change your answer?


Thanks for looking that up! I will go with what I know fits. Long sleeve men’s small. Final decision.


Confirmed medium. Mens long sleeve.