ECMTB Work Day at Nine Mile River Trail - Monday Oct.12

Planning a work day at Nine Mile River Trail Thanksgiving Monday (Oct.12) for 10am. Planning to do drainage and take care of a muddy section.


Nine Mile River is a great trail system that’s fun for all ages and stages. @trailflow and volunteer crews lead by @rockhopper have been doing great work there recently, but could use a few more hands to address some wet spots.

If you’re able, please come out to help. All volunteers welcome, no experience necessary. There will be tools on site but if you have your own favourite feel free to bring it.


Not sure how much help I can be at the moment but I will plan to come out and at least learn and give moral support.
@Rockhopper, I have some random pieces of lumber around and was wondering if they may be of any use to you for trail stuff. I think there are some short lengths of 2 x 4’s, maybe a 4 x 4 or two (possibly pressure treated) and some cedar garden ties. I’ll do an inventory and let you know. I don’t have a truck but you’d be welcome to them when you are out this way.


Hey all.
Would love to see some support for our good friends at nine mile this Monday


This is one of the few entry level trail systems around.

Help if you can, it is worth the effort.

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Quick question: are you guys walking in, or bringing your bikes and riding in to do the trail work?

Quite a day out here with the trail Elves and some fabulous work done!
First, the trail…some mucky “before” shots:

Then, the dirty work began…the root ball spot:

Timber! Well, in reverse.

Spot #2, the ditch to the ocean…

Word of warning, keep your distance from this one, when she has a shovel near muddy water.

And, the after shots:

The Elves:

Some extra help from Douglas, on his way by…

The man who can do it all!

Sometimes, you just want a nice picture of helpers…

but there’s always that one guy!

Who manages to get his own nice picture, but who, in a twist of justice, is outshone by the boots that caused envy all day.

And, of course, there’s the guy with the lawn tractor…

And the reason we were all there, my favourite couple:

Thanks, everyone, for a great day!


Great capture!! :grin:


Forgot this one. One of my favourites!


Awesome work! Looking forward to riding there again.

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Thanks for all the hard work, folks!

Amazing work done today! Really pleased and thankful! Thanks to all the volunteers! You rock (literally)! Thank you @Kristin for the pictures! Here’s the other section we worked on today:

Before (picture taken last week, was a little dryer today):

Rock on:

Dirt on!:


Great trail work everyone!

Thanks everyone! Great work and pics!

Thank you all! It’s been quite a long time since I’ve been to Nine Mile, I think sometime soon I’ll have to make the trek to appreciate all the great work you’re doing.

Yes, you should! :slight_smile:

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I went there for the first time last night. Worth the trip.


Hopefully this weekend. I attempted it a couple of weeks ago but the parking lot was packed when I arrived so we hit The Cob instead.