Envrionmental Impacts of Mountain Biking


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Here’s the summary:

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one study they forgot to include, and i don’t have easy access to it at the moment (i’m on my phone at the pub), is one about the impact on bird nesting along backcountry rec corridors; it was some incredible figure they came up with, where birds would go to great lengths to avoid contact with all human disturbance, to the extent of some 200 foot buffer around all human activity, including trails and campsites. it really says something about how much we can interfere and not even know about it.

anyway, really interesting papers, if you get into reading them all. i’m currently writing my thesis about mountain bike/recreation trail management from a forestry perspective and have stumbled across many cool papers, including those mentioned above, in my work. i could get into it here, but i’ll maybe wait until i’m finished and/or published (hah!) before i start pretending i’m some kind of expert…

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