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Hey folks,

Just a reminder, if you know of a MTB event please feel free to add it to the calendar.

I’d love to see the calendar full of events this year and make it an even more valuable resource.



Yeah, cause Bicycle Nova Scotia certainly is not going to help anyone on this front.

I was scanning around different groups / sites it appears not much has been posted yet.

Trailflow is ahead of the curve on events posting. I’m sure they have schedule planning needs that drive this.

CPEI and Velo NB seem to have their calendars full and mostly complete.

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I made a Google Calendar yesterday with all the 2019 events on it to keep track of them for myself. Mostly cycling things in the Maritimes with emphasis on MTB with a few road/paddling/climbing things thrown in. I think all the NS stuff is wrong right now because the BNS website said 2019(yesterday, not today), but I think it was all 2018 things as the Canada Cup date was wrong on it.


Since I now live in NB, and NS and PEI events are all close by, I felt a need for a regional race calendar. I created this. Our provinces are small and should work together more on most things.

Still a work in progress. Let me know what you think. I may add strava links, GPX files and so forth.


Looks great Doug! And you are right, we should work together more.
One thing I did notice is that the provincial map logos cover some of your text.
This will be a big help planning my summer events.

Working together with Nb and PEI has been attempted before. An exercise in frustration.

Thanks. I have not tested in in many browsers and screen sizes yet. mobile version has work to be done yet. Feel free to tell me of any other glitches you find.

Yeah, I’ve heard in the past. Too bad. I think we should be one province IMO.

Still a finite number of weekends in a summer.

This is this most useful events calendar to date, mostly because all the info is in one place. I like that it is simple: Date, Province, event type and a link to the event info. Thanks.

There are existing web platforms to enter this information into but no one ever seems to want to bother (ecmtb, pinkbike).

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Pink Bike is too big, and ECMTB content falls away in time, although if this site was more than a forum it could be appropriate. Although I wanted more than MTB events. There are probably some events in Maine that are close enough to included too. I just need to figure out how to select two or more categories at a time, so I can add provinces/state as a cat.

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Just a heads up in case people don’t know, the ECMTB events category has a calendar mode and an ical feed if you like to integrate it with google calendar or whatever.

I think what you are doing is great though.

We intend to keep this category as up to date as possible and keep the conversations going.

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