Five Ten Flats

Since Adidas acquired Five Ten a couple years ago they’ve been phasing out their MTB specific shoes.

The only new style they’ve introduced is basically just a trail runner with their stealth rubber slapped onto it. Reviews indicate it’s not very stiff and materials not as durable, and therefore not so great for biking.

I’ve been wearing Five Ten Freerider Contacts for several years but they’re no longer avail.

Anyone have any experience with other brands?


Bought some of the specialized 2FOs in the summer and used them quite a bit. Similar sole to the freeriders but not as aggressive a tread so may be something to look at. Tried the 510 contacts but never really gelled with them.


I been loving the Giro RIDDANCE this year. Super stiff and somewhat light.


I also use 510 Freeriders and got a pair of TNT Ride Concepts for Christmas. I used them once so far and I despise them thus far. My feet slip and slide all over the place, especially when boosting a jump :pensive:


Sounds like a reason to switch to clipless :grinning:

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I noticed that as well Derek. Yet at the DH World Champs this year a pile of the Five Ten Athletes had new versions of the Hell Cat shoe in a custom white colour.
I’m wondering if they are killing off Five Ten to bring it back as Adidas. No one makes a shoe that can compete in my opinion. I have many pairs of both flats and clips. Five Ten had the largest slice of the MTB shoe pie. They are also the only company who makes size 14/15 so if Adidas kills the brand entirely then a lot of large footed folks like myself are going to be out of luck.


Just be smaller, Andrew.


Adidas has owned Five Ten since 2011 but seemed to up their involvement in 2018.

I’m not sure what’s happening this year, I was looking for some Freerider Elements or EPS and couldn’t find any or any news about them.

They did release the District in 2020 which was a DJ show.

I’m trying!!


I only switched to flat pedals/shoes 2 seasons ago… I managed to snag a pair of Giro [some model] shoes from the cyclesmith tent sale for a grand total of $65. I got them for 2 main reasons:

  1. Because I wasn’t sure if I’d keep running flats, so low price was awesome
  2. They weren’t all black (too many shoes are these days, and they’re boring to me)

It turns out, flats are definitely for me. I was just about to pull the trigger on these Five Ten Freerider Shoes - Unisex | MEC as they’ve been so highly recommended.

Does anyone have some thoughts on the various different models from 510? Mostly, I like these because they’re red and match my new pedals.

Or, is there another brand people would recommend? I heard good things about ride concept shoes, but they also seem ridiculously expensive

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Are the Shimano worth checking out? Something about the Michelin rubber base has me thinking they’d stick very well to your spikey pedals. Thankfully i’m clipless exclusive, but if I were to be using flats I think that would be the route I’d go!

Have ridden the 510 free riders for years and they have a More flexible sole than the other models so good for ‘gripping’ your foot around the flat pedals. Great in the dry but become soggy anchors in the wet :grinning:However I have had multiple pairs and the first thing to go is the sole… never had and issue with upper going first…

Have the free rider pro which are lighter and better material for the wetter conditions here. Same sole but lighter and stiffer shoes… not ridden them as much so not sure if they will soften with age… free riders feel like shoes you already own and are comfy from the start… pros I think will need some breaking in and not got to that point with mine yet… if you are riding more Xc stuff I’d use these for the extra stiffness.

Have also had the free riders contacts which were not for me.

For NS is would probably go for the free riders or pros… my personal fave are the free riders and if you are quick to stuff with paper when they are wet, then remove it an hour later and put them in front of a heater, they dry up pretty damn fast… they have the best pedal to shoe feel in my options… which is important with flats… grip is awesome and don’t look too bad off the bike as well…



Tried on some ride concepts at mec Saturday… 10.5 felt very tight and they didn’t have 11s…

Might order 510s. How do they fit compared to regular Adidas sneakers similar or do they run big or small… I’ve been riding in some cheap puma skate style shoes whicy are grippy but they have alot of flex

I ride in a Shimano on a flat pedal and have no issue with them slipping. When I get home I’ll check the model and post.

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