Flat Pedal Shoe Retailers

Hi folks,

I’m pretty sure I should invest in some proper MTB shoes because I’m starting to notice foot pain after riding in my old janky hiking shoes. Any recommendations on where I can actually try on some flat pedal shoes before purchasing? MEC, Cyclesmith, etc?

MEC sells FiveTens but they don’t stock them in Halifax. With free shipping to the store though you could order a couple different styles/sizes and return them in store if they don’t work out.


Ok thanks for the info. Bit of a nuisance having to order multiple pairs but it’s better than nothing. At least MEC is open now, so returning won’t be too difficult.

Sportchek has the fiveten hellcats on clearance for 93.88 in a couple sizes. If you sign up For the newsletter it’s another 10% off. Wicked deal
Final sale though.


Those are clipless, not meant for flat pedals.

Some more info about local retailers in this thread.

I seem to get better life out of $40 DC Skate shoes from Winners than any I’ve bought from a pro shop, probably some local spots as well with similar style skate shoes

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