Free 2017 Parks Canada Discovery Pass

Just got mine in the mail!
A good excuse to visit the purpose built MTB trails at Fundy and Kouchibouguac National Parks this year. I could see a night at Keji to ride the trails that permit biking as well.


I haven’t received mine yet but should see it any day now.

The pass is free, including shipping, so there is no excuse to not get one. We live in a beautiful country and we all like the outdoors so go get one and enjoy.


Mine is via transit. Any day now.

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@bent6543 I just got mine too. I see some camp and rides in my future.

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Got ours last week. Planning a road trip up into Ontario and Quebec this summer, so we’ll likely hit a few spots.

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just put in for mine. as good excuse as any to go see yoho and nahanni!