What are the best (if any) freeride trails in NS?
I’ve been out of the game for several years and I’m looking for some drops and jumps.


Go to Keppoch… it’s worth the trip.

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Already went there and Sugarloaf NB this year. Hitting Keppoch again next weekend as well. Looking for somewhere closer to HRM if possible.

Thx for the recommendation :slight_smile:

The Range is your best bet in HRM, Some stuff you can push a big bike up and blast down. Some jumps at the bottom too.

We went to the rifle range this year also. It didn’t appear to be heavily ridden like it was years ago.

Thx for the suggestion :slight_smile:

The Gorge and Phase 2 may have some of what you’re looking for, although a lot of the old structures on Phase 2 have rotted away. The trail near the end of Shubie Park (I forget it’s name) has some jumps on it. Reservoir Park has the skills park to play on and a couple of drops on the trails, but it’s not a full-on DH/freeride trail.

It’s been 8 years since I rode the Gorge/Phase 2. One of the last times I was there they had several large drops that were well built and lots of fun. There used to be a road gap there but I believe that it was torn down years ago as well.
I’m going to try and get up for a ride again soon.

Thx for the suggestion :slight_smile:

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Woooooo bikes and freeride and downhill and bikes and jumps and stuff :smile:

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@DHRider There’s this trail gap at The Gorge that I liked quite a bit:

A double jump at The Gorge:

This is at the range, trail gap:
The Range has quite a few hidden gems, and this video was taken in the small jump park that’s off to the right of the entrance near the highway. There are a few different jumps and features in a small area, which makes it lots of fun. Deeper in, there is this is a nice ladder drop that I just hit a couple weeks ago so it’s definitely still surviving:

As far as larger stuff, I haven’t found much. There’s a ladder drop at Evil Birch that’s fairly large though:

This is great detail. Thanks a lot for all the links :slight_smile:

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Is all the wood stuff at the range still rideable?

Yup, still there and rideable.

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The range, evil birch (if you don’t mind the way in), keppoch, the gorge, wentworth. All these have freeride features in them, but the best are probably keppoch, the range, evil birch, (I haven’t been to wentworth so I can’t say with confidence). Not sure if this is helpful.