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Thought of starting a new thread with a more positive jibe. Going to post some old memories from years gone by. Feel free to post your own stuff up as well. Good stories gain extra points :face_with_raised_eyebrow: first points who knows were this bridge is?


LOL. Well I definitely know the answer for the Simon and Garfunkel.




Toe clips on Tinker’s bike! I tried toe clips for trail riding many years ago. Didn’t work out so well.


Great finds! Fantastic thread so far!


No, clipless pedals won’t be invented for a few more years, toe clips were still better than flats.



My still active tv watching hoody.



It all started here


Spokebender Classic - Wentworth 1996 by Douglas Smith, on Flickr


My first race bike. Got stolen in downtown Halifax after racing it at Martock for the first time.


Douglas Smith, me. Race at St Margarets Bay. 1996 or 97 by Douglas Smith, on Flickr




I unfortunately thru out my hoodie and other t-shirt when they got too ratty, but I still have my toque as well as a t-shirt from a dirt jump camp in '05.



This is an awesome thread…


OMG, I just sold an old CCM Excel that a friend of mine was going to throw out. :smiley:


Canadian Made


That’s awesome


the cranked movie experience