From the crypt


A few oldies in there. Also have a bunch of New World Disorders on my computer as well as JIB.



Anyone seen this gem from the past? I haven’t seen it in a while… if only I still had a vcr.


Martock 1993


Awesome thread! Keep em coming ancient stuffs…


thats a lot of seatpost



Awesome topic!

I’ve just started a restoration project on this old rig…

I’ve got it mostly torn town now. All bearings still spin (mostly) smooth and the only bolts that were seized were on the old rear rack that was on it.

Should be a fun project!



The limited edition Colin green poster. Had to go get it out of the trash can after toms wife threw it out


The late night before edition


The big phatty edition




I still have one of those.


Picture dated from 2006. Can anyone identify the rider?


This is Whopper Powerlines, circa 2003. There used to be a ramp on the rock roll-down.


Sketchy looking bridge.


That spot is an easy roll down but a challenging up. It’s hard to keep your speed up as you roll into it


I shot that photo. That’s Rodney Hickey. I don’t think he rides any more.

I think the shot was actually taken in 2000-2001. @nimzie?

Fun fact–that was one of our first desktop backgrounds, and that was the largest size (1024x768) most people could get at that time!


Yep - we shot that as a piece for site release night. There’s a version around with the movie night date on it as well. I think it was some time in April 2001 when we launched the site. Shot was taken on a walking path beside Rodney’s house in Sack-Vegas. I’ll take cred for artistic direction :slight_smile:


My first trip to 8 hours of Gore

8 hours of Martock