From the crypt


The legendary Jim K at Wentworth!

Hillsborough, NB circa 2005


Across the Highlands 2007

From Fitzpatrick…even has the old ecmtb logo


Jim at the ECMTB Poker run at Spider in 07


Anyone remember this truck that was on the whopper power line circa 2007?



Cycledelics Jersey! by Douglas Smith, on Flickr.

My first Jersey from 1995 or 1996. I believe I first wore it at the XC race in Dollar Lake. Any Dollar Lake race pictures?

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The ghosts of slickrock past


A bunch of pics from the Bluestone jumps in 2004. These were shot on actual 35mm film!

And video of the infamous Sizzler crash at the DAL dentistry steps. (not my vid, but have had it on my site for years)

I probably have a bunch more old pics kicking around as well, have to do some digging.


Found a bunch of pics from 2004-2005. I’d have to dig into slides/prints to go much earlier. I won’t post any of the many drunken party pics so I won’t incriminate anyone (but myself, in the last one) All are ECMTB related.

Bradcore in whopper. Poker run of some sort I think.



Chris giving away a fork at a movie night. Nimzie and Jeffro in the background.

Whopper parking lot on a weekend (2005)

Birthday party at the old port!


I have been looking for the dentistry crash video for YEARS.

As an FYI to site readers, the guy on trike is the same guy who crashed his Brodie on the Dentistry Set.


So have I, but when I try to play it I just get the audio. But even then you can hear the pain.


The Windows 10 default video player didn’t show the file to me either. I downloaded it and opened it in Windows Media Player, and it worked fine. Bad crash. :frowning:


A couple more oldies as I roll through images:




I’m too lazy to upload a bunch of pics. Hope this works:


What’s behind tree number one?




Brent’s art from the slickrock days


From the days when XC was king


Bonus points for identifying the action figures. I’ve figured out a few, but not all of them.




Massive props and much appreciation if anyone can locate the Miller Tire drop video or any of the Fall River Freeride boys’ footage.

Great thread!