From the crypt


Shawshank! :heart_eyes: That was such a fun trail back in the day!


Thanks for sharing the vids @nimzie. A lot of stuff that I didn’t ride, but I remember riding past a lot of those structures at Jack’s Lake and Whopper. Nice to see the good ol’ Whopper Trail again. :slight_smile:


Damn I miss that whopper granite. Good times.


John Cole circa 2001



Rocking this today.


What happened to that truck!!?


This is as crypt as it gets for ecmtb.
Our original press release that started the ball rolling. That plus giving away a truckload of decals at movie night / release night #1.
I just found an old CD with almost all of the old pics from the original site. Will get to uploading soon ish…


Bring it to me


From @rideeast on instagram…


Those were the good old days!


Dam, that looks fun!


I think that is whopper just before you come out to the powerlines.


I believe you are correct… only rode that a couple of times before it disappeared.


That’s exactly where it was. There used to be lots of fun little bridges and whatnot in Whopper.


I am pretty sure that is on a trail we used to ride called Shawshank and @tossedsalad is correct it was just before you came out on the powerlines