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Jimmy’s Roundtop, late 90’s


A brief clip from the Jimmy’s Roundtop 94ish race in here:


A great piece of nostalgia. Jammin’ tune too LOL


psycho slickrock jersey


First mountain bike, one of the first rides, Late April 1988. That bike is still in use in Nelson B.C.


Hammerhead checking out the terrain in moab


Braking bad


Few from 2006/2007.
Lee Hatt in Lunenburg
Nick Palfrey
Two of my favourites, taken by Nick Vail.


Nice to have you back @BowlRat!


Seconded–love those Nick shots, been a while since I’ve seen them.

Old pics?

This is another oldie of local stuff that likely doesnt exist anymore.


I was trying hard to identify trails and locations. Looks like a lot of Gorge/Phase 2. The Phase 2 road gap is long gone. I think remnants of some of the hucks might be around, but not safe to ride.


Damn, that road gap is gigantic!


That road gap was lots of fun, but has sadly been torn down.
Some of the other footage was wentworth ski hill.
The roof drop was a building at Point pleasant park.


Got to wunder about how long this took🤔



Serious throwback - car , dog , bike , trail…

Yep - that was an awesome trail in its day. Camera was an actual video camera in my backpack recording off a lipstick cam - a little before the GoPro era hit :slight_smile:


Kingerz!!! CCM!