Glove reccomendos?

Hey Gang, I’m getting tired of re-repairing my gloves, looking for a more durable pair. I’ve had specialized,fox,raceface, and MEC brands. They all blow out at the index fingertip seams, a few at the thumb seams and the wrist Velcro gets shittty. A common culprit seems to be where the lighter weight fabric meets the leather palm.
Anyone have any recommendations?
I’ve seen positive reviews on the Giro DND, but thinking of going overboard on their trailbuilder glove (although they look pretty warm)
I’ve also tried lighter weight mechanix gloves, but don’t like the way they fit.

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I have used fox flexair gloves, they are light duty and don’t have Velcro, they have really nice lever feel too with the extra grip on the fingertip (and yes it’s still grippy after a year unlike other gloves I have had where it falls off in a few rides.) I also have a pair of G-Form trail gloves, these have some more protection on the fingers and are really good quality, but I can’t say how they will hold up, they seem really good so far. Keep in mind they are also premium price tag. These two gloves have pretty much been my go to. The fox flexair are probably my all time favourite, and I will likely buy them again.

I wear the Giro DND gloves and love them…actually have 3 pairs…

They are lightweight, fit nice and hold up extremely well. They feel great on the bars and levers too…

I really like hand up glove

Handups all the way. Maybe a bit on the pricey side but willing to pay a premium for gloves that fit me perfect and last as long as these do. Also excellent customer service.

I go to the army surplus on Agricola. They have a few different colours. They sell for $20 or $23. I just got a new pair last week, first pair lasted two years before blowing out the middle finger. I’m tired of paying big and blowing thru after a few months.


I went through a few brands before settling on Troy Lee XC gloves. The pair I’m wearing at the moment are at least 3 years old and only just wearing on the palm. They’ve got good air flow on the back and a decent palm.

I’d avoid anything with gel pads, the pads move and become uncomfortable.

I like a very minimalist glove, they cannot have ANY padding, and my hands sweat profusely, so I also like a very lightweight fabric on the top to maximize airflow and I prefer a non-velcro closure. Currently using the Sombrio Spun gloves. I’ve had Fox, Yeti, Commencal, Specialized, Giro etc, and I have to say, these are some of the comfiest I’ve owned, and the coolest. I generally get less than a season from any glove before blowing out the fingers, so honestly comfort is the most important thing, followed by price. If I’m going to blow through them, I don’t want to spend too much.


I went to a hardware store and picked up some mechanics gloves for about $25. They’re not super breathable or lightweight, but they’re tough and they already have some built-in knuckle protection and stuff. Maybe not the best option for those who light a super-snug fit or need a lot of airflow, but they work for me.


Given the number of times I hit my knuckles on trees, you’d think I’d want some level of protection! I don’t know that they can really protect you much in a high speed situation anyway. My pinkies are in a constant state of mangled distress.

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Just grab some duct tape to fix up those finger seam blowouts lol. Coincidently, I’m also in the market, for a new pair. I was using these mechanics gloves for riding, but after installing 400 square feet of interlocking pavers this weekend, they are toast.

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I’m using the new Callus MX glove, its very minimal, super comfy.
Local guys too (Truro), so nice to support them.


I’ve had good luck with Fox Bombers, I’ve had tons of seams blow on Giro Remedy gloves and cheaper Fox gloves (dirtpaw, etc) but these ones hold up nicely through a lot of abuse. I can definitely say the knuckle protection makes a big difference when impacting a tree or scraping by with your bars.

If you want a more minimalist approach, I highly recommend my good friends at Chromag, they just developed a nice new line of gloves!


I’m using the same glove and for how lightweight they are mine have held up really well.

Ventilated/light, Durable, Comfy: Pick Two

Finding a glove that’ll meet one of these conditions is not hard, finding a glove that meets two that are most important to you is ideal, finding one that meets all three is impossible. Anyone who tells you you can get all three in spades has a different concept of these features than most.
Of course these conditions are all relative. Durable could be 2 months of regular riding for some guys, could be two years for others.

I’m like Jeff W, I like a very light, very breathable glove for summer riding. It feels like 37 C today, not interested in thicker materials or a leather backhand in those conditions. I’ll sacrifice durability for bar feel, ventilation and next-to-skin performance. For longer mtb rides/events (4+ hrs/60+k) I’ll sometimes wear two pair of very light gloves to help decrease hand fatigue.

In winter I struggle to find gloves warm enough, I’ll wear crazy thick GoreTex ski gloves and lobster claws. Performance takes a distant back seat to warmth for me after the Fall.

Currently in the gear bag are a pair of Fox FlexAir and a pair of Giro DnD.


Just checked them out, had no idea those guys were making gear now. I’m gonna try a pair of their gloves. Love the throwback Can Am colors on the jerseys and pants too. Thabks for posting!

I have the hardest time finding gloves that fit properly. So much so that if they wear out prematurely, I’ll buy the same ones again because they fit me. I am currently using IXS gloves. They are minimal with no padding or armour, but they fit my giant hands. I also liked the Fox DirtPaw glove. They fit nice. I’ve tried on dozens from various brands and most just don’t fit properly and are either way too hard to get on, or the palm fits and the fingers are all too short.

661 Comps. They are light and fit well, are inexpensive and last. I usually wait until I order something from CRC and throw them in the basket.

I bought these out of winter commute desperation one day as part of an attempt to break the wind and rain (layered with a liner, then nitrile, then these on the outside for grip) and they’ve stuck with me for the mtb season. From Mark’s, ~$20, and I just fold the cuff back on hot days.

Nice fit, good grip, no padding on the palms (I like padding on a road bike but not mtb).

I’ll probably eventually replace them with something specific to the sport, but they’re solid so far and haven’t shown any signs of wear.


I’m gonna have to say go local and support companies that are putting money into trail systems you use. For that reason paired with durability comfort and style the CALLUS MOTO ECLIPSE is my glove of choice. I bought 2 pairs and neither have had a fault in 2 years of use. For those of you who dont know, Callus is operated by Truro locals, guys who ride the trails here and are spending time building in WW and funding the new jumpline in Vic Park