Good place for decent price on brake pads?

My bike has Saint brake with H03C pads. Looking around… locally they are $75 a set. Which is crazy and outside my budget.

Anyone know of a good place for deals on brake pads?

Ask mark or Brent at BP! They might have used ones.

The ones I have are used. That’s the problem.

$49 CAD at Jenson… but unless you’re spending enough for free shipping it might not be worth it.

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@JeffV i am ordering from Jensen today. If I add your brake pads this will give us free shipping. Want to team up?

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There you go! Teamwork!

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I bought a bag of 25 pair of genuine SRAM four piston pads on Amazon for $200. Been selling them to my friends for $25/pair and putting fresh ones on my bikes whenever they wear out. I still have at least 10 pair.

Check it out and see what you can find.


It’s time…

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4 Pairs Bicycle Brake Parts Resin Semi Metal Bicycle Disc Brake Pad for Saint M810, M820, ZEE M640

I bought pads from the same vendor before and have been happy.

Do you really need the finned version? I am pretty sure D02S are the non-finned version and less expensive.

I’ve seen others without the fin. I’m looking to replace what I have though.

Good idea @muddy, PM sent.

If I did that and didn’t sell them to folks, it would take me 50 years to go through them.

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Unfortunately Bike Discount can’t ship Shimano items to Canada anymore.

Jeff and I are $30.02 USD short on our order for getting free shipping. Does anyone else want to join in? We will all get free shipping this way

PM me with a link to what you want and you can etransfer me your share. It looks like the tax and duty work out to 18% on top of the list price

Jensen is good to order from because there are no duty charges when it arrives at your door. The price shown is what you pay


Is it too late to get in on this order?

Just want to circle back to this and say cheap brake pads off amazon is working out great.

A set of the saint pads from shimano with the fins are $75 locally while cheap metallic pack of 4 pairs have been serving me well so far and only cost $25 for 4.


My point is cheap pads can be good enough.


Good info, thanks!