GPX Files

Where is the best place to get these for free. Strava has lots but I don’t have a premium account. I went to Trail Forks and can’t seem to find any but just links back to Strava.

Any help will be appreciated.

Thank you

In general Trailforks won’t let you bulk download a whole trail network. You can find the download button at the bottom of the page (KML or GPX) for a specific trail. Kind of a pain if there are lots of trails in a system. I guess they want you to use their app vs downloading.

That is a great place to start, how about GXP files people have uploaded?

Thank you

You aren’t going to find GXP files, the standard is GPX ot KML for most sites that don’t use true GIS file formats. Other places to look are Garmin Connect (account required) and (requires uploads to gain “points” to download)
The other way to poach tracks off of Strava is to take a screen shot and overlay it on Google Earth, then trace the lines, it is surprisingly accurate considering most GPS units are only good to 3 meters at best.

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i find a ride that i’d like to do on ridewithgps, click on the stats tab and download the track. there’s usually a few different options for file type, but gpx is always one of them. the digital age is amazing.

edit: strava global heatmap is a gold mine of seeing where people like to ride. i look at it just for fun most days.

You might want to use

This can give you CRS files of activities (i.e. rides) or segments. They should work on a Garmin. It is a little out of date on how to get segments but there is a workaround if you want to know it.

However, for maximum geek points and if you need a GPX, here is a hack for you. Find the activity you want to use as a route, and enter this URL – it will give you a GPX<activity number>&type=GPX

As an example, here is a ride I recently did at Grey Mountain in Falmouth…

GPSBabel is a useful tool you can use to convert formats if you run into compatibility problems,