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Hey everyone!

I have started a new suspension venture as a pet project/ hobby with Granite Suspension. The goal is to provide more access to suspension servicing in the HRM as it is an important part of bike maintenance and key to keeping our bikes that we invest so much in running smoothly.

There are lots of riders out there who don’t realize they need to service their suspension every 50 hours, or don’t have the time to do it, or don’t have the space (my wife an I had a few arguments over the years while I tore down shocks on the kitchen table/ counter before we had a house), or there are some folks who just straight up don’t want to tackle that portion of their maintenance for a multitude of reasons or can do it but just don’t feel like it right now, and no matter the situation, there is no judgement! I am here to help. I have the space, tools, fluids, and I just plain enjoy rebuilding suspension. I worked in a shop for over a decade and always thought that the perfect gig would just be servicing suspension. So here we are.

I am not a bike shop, just a guy in his basement servicing suspension. I have fluids on hand, but I do not keep parts in stock at this point and order as needed. I order everything out of S4 for convenience and they offer solid kits and great service. I will try and group job orders together to spread the shipping costs around since it takes a lot of seal kits to hit the free shipping mark, but spread across a few jobs the shipping is much more manageable. If someone wants to source their own parts and then just bring everything to me that is perfectly fine. Depending on demand I may at some point be able to stock the more common rebuild kits.

Right now I am able to off 50 hour services plus a few other things and if things go well I will be able to expand to fork dampers soon.

50 hour fork service is $70 plus parts
50 hour shock service is $45 plus parts
Dropper post service is $30
Other services include: OneUp EDC steer tube threading, air volume spacer installs, suspension upgrade installs like damper swaps, air cartridge swaps to change travel on forks, etc.

If you have any questions please reach out on here, through Instagram, via email at granitesuspension(at) or through the website Granite Suspension Website. Everything is done at my home in Middle Sackville. I work in Burnside and would be willing to arrange pickup and drops offs there as well if that is more convenient.



Cool, best of luck !


Awesome :ok_hand:. Good to hear this! Although I rather enjoy performing an air can and lower leg service myself, I am quite hesitant to perform my own upper leg/damper service. Any guess as to when you might be able to offer this service? Would a travel increase service require new upper leg parts (i.e., to increase the length of the rods affixing the uppers to the inside of the lowers)?

Thanks and good luck!



Depending on the damper I’m hoping to be able to offer Rock Shox charger and Fox Grip damper rebuilds. I’m also working towards Rock Shock air shock damper builds. It’s a process and the tooling required is an investment so I need to make sure that the work is there. 50hr services can definitely be done at home by a lot of people. But some people don’t have space, don’t want too, or aren’t comfortable, and that is perfectly ok. I also keep fluids on hand so when I order parts it is just seal kits and not rebuild kits so it makes the parts cheaper.

Travel change methods vary by fork. Most modern fox and rock shox forks can have the travel changed by removing the uppers and taking the air side apart and swapping out the air shaft. Some forks have max travels that they can be set too so that also has to be checked first. Forks like x-fusion use a pin system to adjust travel which includes taking the fork apart and then drilling out the shaft to move the travel pin.

If you want to further discuss travel changes just shoot me a pm.



For anyone on the fence: I just got my fork back from @a.mart yesterday and he did an awesome job. Super communicative throughout the process, very easy to deal with and a reasonable price especially considering my fork is 10+ years old and needed more attention than usual. Would recommend without hesitation!


Seconded. Just got my fork and shock back from Andrew. Quick service, everything looks great. Super stoked to not have to do it myself. I don’t mind working on my own bike, but sometimes it’s nice to have it done by someone who actually knows WTF is going on.

Thanks @a.mart!


Thanks for the great feedback @ElementML and @brightwhite!!

Glad I got them done when I did. S4 is now completely sold out of seal kits until May. But I am starting a large pre order to get some parts.


Unfortunate to hear about the backorder with supplies, I’m glad I got my fork serviced when I did. Haven’t had the opportunity to check get a ride in with the fork since Andrew serviced it, but it was top notch! Excellant communication and quick turn-around.


Hopefully you get out soon! And parts are going to be an absolute gong show this year fir just about everything it seems.


Quick little update that happened today. Granite Suspension is now an authorized OneUp components dealer. Like everyone else they are experiencing supply interruptions and long wait times. But if anyone is interested in getting geared up or has any questions please reach out. OneUp makes some top quality products for fairly reasonable prices. And trust me, once you try a 210mm dropper post you’ll never go back!


It’s been a busy couple of months but finally a shipment of WPL products has landed. If you’re interested or have any questions please feel free to reach out!


Fork boost lube is an incredible product.


I launched a website on the weekend which details services offered, as well as the ability to see what I have in stock for parts and check and see what is new. Parts and service can still be requested through traditional means and paid with e-transfer/ cash but they can also now be ordered online and paid via credit. Given the current situation I am adhering to all government protocols and provide curbside pickup whenever possible.
Granite Suspension Website
And as always, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask!


Shout out to Granite Suspension for a total service. Fork, rear and dropper as well as a bonus rear. Dropped off Friday night, just picked it up.

Thanks again Andrew!


Umm bonus rear?


Thanks for the support @goose !!

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Rear suspension from my Trek. I don’t have two asses. Lol


You sure?


Yup! It’s off my Trek Rumblefish I bought from Klue.

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Thanks to @a.mart for hooking me up with an order of new OneUp grips and some WPL fork boost.
He dropped the package in the mail and it made it to me the next business day.

Fork Boost is awesome for anyone looking to keep their fork feeling fresh between lower services!