Grey Mountain


Skill Level: Intermediate/Advanced

Location: Falmouth, NS

Trail Head::Eldridge Rd

Trail Forks: Grey Mountain

Technical/old school singletrack.
Maintenance is sporadic.

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Rode there today and it was surprisingly dry considering it rained through the evening into the morning, the dirt road climbs were by far the wettest the singletrack was mostly dry, but the roots were slippery. Missed a turn once but once you’re on the singletrack it is well marked. Seems like there are some new trails going in, made a “wrong” turn following the flagging tape and found a loamy trail that was rideable but obviously still had some work to do. Many sections were raked so there has been maintenance this year. Good work trail elves!

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Rode there today. Great on the upper trails. Wetter than I’ve ever seen on the lower trails. Hope things dry out this week. Awesome place.

I will get there this year, I promise.

I definately want to go back now that I know roughly where I’m going…saw a couple of other trails that we didn’t ride too.

Thanks to some hard working people there’s some fun new stuff in there now. It’s pretty well marked and/or obvious if you’re looking for it. A new section that comes off of the original XC singletrack downhill is freshly cleared and still loamy. Watch for the particularly tight swithcback in there that you’ll need some “euro-turn” skills to ride. good times!’s%20Nose%20Pivot%20-%20The%20Hub%20-%20Mountain%20Biking%20Forums%20%2F%20Message%20Boards%20-%20Vital%20MTB&

There’s a ride happening on Thursday evening, October 15th. Charge your lights and meet the AVMBA weekly ride at 7pm.

I created the trail forkes area for this. Anyone have tracks they could upload to trailforks?

Trailforks link is broken, and the area doesn’t appear in a search…edit, it needed to be confirmed I’ll try and upload a track sometime soon, assuming the trail elves have no objections.

I uploaded a bunch of trails there but they need to be confirmed, also I don’t know any names for the trails except a couple of Strava segments.

Done. Thanks.

I had a trailforks community advocate sent me a thanks for importing trails. So thanks @bent6543!

Btw, what are the trails like, @bent6543? Are they clear enough that a tuesday night group ride is feasible? Without excessive risk of injury or getting lost?

@bent6543 might not concur but I would venture there are some black diamond sections on the XC singletrack downhill, especially with lights. I’ve never ridden there with lights but it is definitely rideable if you have skills, lots of people do it. There is also less technical riding there.

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@JeffV I’d say the trails are fine for night riding from a technical perspective, I wouldn’t rate anything on the trails black diamond but it is rooty and steep in spots, nothing that my rigid bike with v brakes can’t ride.

I wouldn’t recommend going there at night for the first time without a guide or a mapping gps, there are lot more trails and roads than are on the maps.


There are one or two steep sections that scare me more than so called black diamond stuff. I was probably over-rating Grey Mountain a bit since most of my scars were earned there! :smile:

But then I fall constantly so don’t listen to me.

By the way, I am pretty sure it is “Grey”, like in the cup, tea, and the fifty shades. Not “Gray”.

Thanks, @Adam. Fixed.