How are the trails? Post Hurricane

Wondering whats the trail status post-hurricane?

Victoria Park

Anyone looking for a ride trails are good. Cleared big debris and trees this am. Main trails are decently dry except spots.

So trail list
Trash Talking - Dry and Rideable
Panda -mostly dry and rideable
Stacked - dry rideable
Mccabe’s Loop - wet in normal spots, 1 tree down we couldnt remove without powersaw (passable, duck)
McCready - Wet in typical spots, passable
Treesum- Rideable and decently dry
Slim Shady- Rideable
Choose Your Destinty Good
Hawk good
Wipeout good
Hawk Express way good
Bootleg and Ponds good
Tower extension good


I was out at Whooper brushing this morning but going to ride it soon. Will update later.



The portion of McIntosh run (fight) that i rode this morning was in decent shape. Rode osprey, schnitzel, attic, lake loop counter clock wise to where the connection will be made. There were a couple of wet spots, nothing that a couple sunny days won’t dry up. Ran into Brock, who was also out riding and clearing brush from the trails. Can’t comment on the rest of the trails.


Bowater is in fine shape. We cleared most deadfall, with the exception of a few large trees requiring proper equipment. Quite dry overall and great riding. Nothing to worry about on the descents.


So, Da minion, da minion ext have been taken care of as well as the fire road. I did that this morning as well as opened up « the missing link » from Death March to Suzie Q. Entrance is at the tree line for Suzie Q. I road it tonight going counter clockwise. just beyond that area inside the tree line right at the top of the final climb or first decent there are 2 big trees i’d say both over 12 inches in diameter. Too big for me and my axe. Flip Side has one tree right in the middle of a decent when going clockwise it’s stump is about 12ft up the hill and two thirds of it fell standing up right in the middle of the trail. I’ll take a walk tomorrow morning and clean loose debris and the smaller trees but for sure I can’t move those 3 big trees myself. I didn’t touch Suzie lake loop or Death March. Overall trails are in good shape, not too muddy .


Wow, trail elf’s are busy! +++ Karma for you guys in bike heaven! :pray:t4::metal:t4:


Had a report from Nine Mile, although I haven’t been there myself. Trail was wet (of course!). A few trees down after the crusher dust ends. No big ones. All easily stepped over. Will try to get some volunteers in this week to clear them.

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Sounds like PEI got hammered.

hmmmmmm…I wonder if this puts a damper on our trip to PEI on the 20th

Nora Warren and in and out were really bad and not even rideable, but then i ran into the trail crew and helped them out for a couple hours

pics from before the work…


I am heading to Spider Lake to see what is up there. I will report back


Whooper is all clear being Suzie Q and Flip Side as well da minion and ext. we have a new tunnel under two massive trees. And made a bypass for the other big one.


Anyone out to empire yet?

Spider Lake had lots of debris down but nothing more than leaves and light branches. No trees down anywhere I rode. I did not ride Skull or Replicator. Two people I met in the parking lot said Skull had a tree down but TBH I think it was their first time there and perhaps the tree they refer to has always been down.

Regardless, it is all good at Spider


Rode Spider yesterday and though I pulled a half dozen smaller trees from the trails, there are many large trees down. Skull has a massive tree down blocking the trail closer to the double track. Lake Major Loop has several. Ribbon has at least 3 large trees down. Picnic is just about clear, except for a half tree jutting into the trail. Replicator is clear too.

  1. Atlantic View Trail is closed due to hurricane damage:

  2. A section of the BLT is closed because they are replacing a bridge. I believe this is not hurricane related:

  3. Shubie singletracks have been cleared of major damage. Still lots of derailleur eating sticks around.


Gorge is cleaned of tree debris and tomorrow evening AVMBA is having a trail cleaning day to do some dirt work.


I was at Norawarren today, everything that was a mess is now pretty much perfect again.