How to lose weight

Drink Whiskey

Heh. Just read that.

Fuck giving up beer. I didn’t give up beer (although I definitely drink less) and lost 60 pounds a few years back. More veggies, less bread and lots of bike riding and I’ve kept that weight off for over two years.

I’m cutting back on the booze to try to lose some weight now, and eating better. Hopefully will yield some positive results.

i could never give up beer, but i am cutting back. trying to get into racing mode and dropping that holiday weight. people think that working out is the end all for weight loss, but the real key to keeping the gut at bay is watching what you eat (and drink). exercise doesn’t hurt, of course, and you need to train to get strong, but it has less of an impact on shedding pounds than eating cleanly; lean protein, beans, lentils, brown rice, quinoa, leafy greens, and lots of veggies. it was hard skipping beer for the first couple weeks, but it makes the few pints i get to have that much more delicious. should be back to fighting weight in no time.

Why would anyone want to give up beer?


Beer is part of my diet plan, helps me keep weight on!

Buy carbon bike bits? :slight_smile: