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Is it socially acceptable to post images of hitting jumps and steep chutes ? (hashhh tag ride well within your limits)

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Opened up a few new lines in the last week, the trail is really starting to take shape now. I'm especially pumped on the rock chute to drop, it's super fun. More coming soon! We've got some plans in the works! #freeridemtb #dh #mtb #trailbuilding #nodignoride #eastcoast #mtbatlantic #ecmtb #demo8 #secretsenderstrail

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Also… how can I post instagram videos here? (or upload them to the forum direct?)

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Let’s see:

That doesn’t seem to work…

Came across this in the discourse software forum:

Not possible due to IG policies. They are owned by Facebook, who are a-holes about this stuff.

Odd, they must have changed their policies. I’m sure you could embed instagram posts before.

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Yep, many of us have done this in the past with no issue. It does still take me to the post when I click on it, though. Must be an optics thing on how it’s embedded now. (shrug)

GMBN used to include a disclaimer on their Fail of the Day posts that all the content was from the archives and to ride within your limits. I think there’s a good divide between trying something new and improving your skills versus doing something ridiculous that could land you in hospital. Hell, I ended up in hospital getting stitches because I stepped off my bike on a climb and had a pedal pin gash my shin as the bike slipped down the gravel embankment. No gnar, no tech, just a simple slip-up that required stitches.

All that to say: post away, @Pepperjester; we know you’re a capable rider and that you’ve done the appropriate risk assessments.