Irishman's Rd Grooming: Snow Reports / Rides

The Snow is in route, and the groomer is ready!

If we’re lucky we’ll get to do the first round of grooming tomorrow afternoon. I’ll post trail updates here when ever I have them along with any group rides, skiing and hikes.

Big thanks for the municipality of Windsor-West Hants for their support, because of their help we’re able to do this all winter long, when ever there is fresh snow, you get fresh trails, two thumbs up!!

(Mods, I can do this in the open Winter Trail Conditions thread if you prefer, but figured I would keep posts specific to this trail system together.)


Thank you to every one involved - looking forward to this winter.

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December 18 - Snow report!

Got a good portion of the trailed groomed today. Snow levels were a bit skimpy so it’s better for biking and snowshoeing right now - once it firms up by tomorrow morning boots should be ok too. I’d keep the skis at home this weekend. We need more snow for them still.

Trails in orange have been groomed this morning. Notes, there is a tree down on the Winterloop (#8). I’ll cut it out next time I’m in.



Any one up for a chill ride in the morning ? (Dec 19) 10:00 start.

Is it rideable without a fat bike?

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I think one could get by.

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After a few laps around today, things were getting quite nice. I know at least a few riders were in after we left this morning. Will be even better tomorrow!


Grooming looks more fun than biking lol


Conditions were great this morning. Had an awesome ride.


Any update on the trail conditionAt Irishman’s today ? ( dec 28)? Tia.

Probably wet. Everything up here is wet.

Heads up folks: Irishmans is groomed and running great on the fat bikes!
Get out and enjoy!


Jan 9 conditions:

Hard pack, a tad icy in spots. Regular bikes would be good. Studs might be wise but not critical.

Also… got approval from the municipality to groom a few bonus lines in the soccer fields so next snow one will get groomed with a twisty trail for bikes and show shoes and the other a wider loop for skiing.


Getting good amounts of snow here in the valley. Time for fire up the groomer!


Woo! Planning to hit up Irishman’s around noon; if you’re done grooming, come for a ride?

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I wish. Alas, I can’t take a bike and my grooming kit to the trails at the same time. I don’t get to have any fun today. Plus, I have a second park to groom afterwards (Haliburton House in Windsor.

Thanks for the offer tho! If I’m lucky I’ll get to ride Sunday.


January 23 Conditions:

Soft, fluffy snow over a hard pack (AKA: frozen dirt and ice base) should be pretty good biking. I mostly ran the groomer over the double track and wider trails today. Not much snow deep in the woods but enough to look good!

I’d leave the skis at home or head up on the mountain where its much deeper as there wasn’t much if any base left at Irishman’s before this round of snow.


Thanks Ryan! Heading there tomorrow. Haven’t ridden Irishman’s in years.


Any time Jeff.

I might make it there this afternoon for a few laps. Maybe we’ll cross paths!

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Got a recommended route?