Keji Sneak Peak



Going to want some details about this it looks asssome!

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Is this bike specific? If so, it’s a long way from getting a fine for riding my bike there.

That does look awesome!

I wouldn’t have posted these here if it was just a hiking trail :slight_smile:


I moved it to #trails:building-and-repair so it is only visible to members and added Keji to topic. Hope that’s ok, @glenfidich.

Looks like I have a compelling reason to camp at Keji now!

Note the main campground will be closed for the 2020 season while they complete some large infastructure upgrades.

Just the front country campground at Jakes Landing. Backcountry will be open.

Attitudes/management have clearly changed from when I worked there. Although I’m sure they still don’t allow riding on the Liberty Lake Trail, and have no sign to tell you this. I’d love to have that fixed up a little so we could go on a long ride.

Yes, things have changed. Baby steps, we’ll get there. What was your position at the park?

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Species at Risk Stewardship Assistant or something like that. All I really did was chase turtles with radio receivers and go bird watching at St Catherine’s River Beach for three years while doing IT/Media stuff in the Winter at the Atlantic Service Centre. Best job I’ve ever had by a long shot.

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Excellent. is this scheduled to open this season?

Eagerly awaiting more details!

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New hiking and biking trail

The press release also outlines $571,000 to enhance and upgrade existing walking and biking trails and add another 4.5 kilometres of new trail.

Borcoman says the new multi-use trail would connect the existing biking and walking trails to the visitor information centre, perhaps by connecting the Mersey River trail to the Flowing Waters trail (just off the Big Dam Road) to the Beech Grove trail (across the Mersey River from the VIC).

A floating footbridge, like the one at Jake’s Landing already connects Beech Grove to the VIC.

“People are already all over the place with bicycles, to Jakes, to Merrymakedge, and this will provide a longer stretch of multi use trail – it will also mean families won’t have to drive to go to that end of the park,” says Borcoman. “We hope to start on this within next two to three years and have this and the other facilities completed by 2019-2020 fiscal year.”

This is the general area mentioned in the article

Cool to see this happening, The riding isn’t challenging at Keji but biking is by far the most fun way to get around and see lots of the park. I had fun there last year and hopefully have even more fun this year. I’d like to see the trail to Frozen Ocean Lake opened up to biking.


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Hold me.


Guess I should look into a trip back to Keji this summer!


Let’s go!

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Is there an estimated opeing date yet? This season?

Too soon to tell. After the bridges are installed I’ll have a better idea. I’m aiming for September.


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