Keppoch Enduro 2022!

Looks like were about a month away from Keppochs annual Enduro. Who’s going, what is your take away from last year if you were there? What are you doing/ what have you done to improve on last years experience?

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Fingers crossed for dry weather. Rained the last 2 years and the roots nearly killed me.

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If it’s dry I’ll race if it rains I’ll stay right cozy on the couch lol

I wonder if they have a solution for the long lines experienced at the top last year.

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It was definitely messy last year! What do larger events do for starts?

Get up the hill faster.


Stager the starts give people an individual time they have to be at the start gates at.

The start last year did not go to plan admittedly, when they announced one class to start, everyone went.

Planning… theres different divisions right? Could they not give 30 minutes intervals to releasw each group for the climb so to give some breathing room

Was at Keppoch Saturday and in passing they mentioned that they plan to have 5 stages and racers can choose which stage to do first (kinda like having 5 starting points) to minimize the long lines at the top


I like that idea, I think we only had two starts last year right? Left side and right side of the tent respectively.

That only works the first time, after that it’s a 30 minute wait per run.


Would that mean they will only have 1 climb trail?

There’s a few issues that cause line-ups at stage starts, the biggest one being limited availability of fly-by timing equipment. Having two starts/finishes on the go requires four timing loops. Each additional start/finish would require two more timing loops.
Since most events (xc, biathlon, running, etc) have one start line and one finish line they only require two timing loops. Enduro is unique b/c it’s a multi stage race format all run in one day.
In the past two editions of the enduro Lorenzo C has had to move the finish line loops from stage 1/2 finish to 3/4 finish once the last riders have finished stages 1/2.
This is also the reason that multiple stages have used the same start loops up top.


  1. If we want accurate and as-it-happens results the solution is to invest $$ for more start loops but they’re not cheap. Bicycle NS owns the current timing loops.
  2. If we want to go back to pencil/notepad/stopwatch results or a less techy system that can be done but nothing drives racers bonkers quicker than half-assed or inaccurate result tabulations.
  3. An organizer that is running a for-profit venture could invest in the timing equipment and start a multi-event enduro series for the Maritimes but the ROI wouldn’t be awesome and we should expect a significant price hike in reg fees.
  4. Find a corporate sponsor that wants to invest $$ in a series and partner with the aforementioned organizer to help offset some of the costs.
  5. Limit field sizes. Obviously starting 120 riders at 1 min intervals means two hrs btwn Rider 1 and Rider 120 start times. 50 riders means 50 minutes but also less reg fees for the same amount of set-up/tear down work and less event vibes.

Thank you for your insight! Good info there.

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I recall this happening. Although whether we waited at the top or bottom, would have been the same wait.

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Hey folks. Chiming in from Keppoch here. We’re pretty sure that we will have five starts/finishes to limit waiting. PEI - with Lorenzo arranging - has been kind enough to loan us the equipment for the weekend. Most likely two or three routes up, but 5 distinct downhill routes that people can choose to tackle as they want. This should minimize waiting at the top, which was an issue last year. Thinking carefully about how things ran last year to make sure it’s smoother.

We’re working on sponsors and others who will be able to support day of activities. Camping will be available. Guaranteed are some food vendors and beer, potentially with some fun activities on Saturday (music? short track? use the skills park?). All suggestions appreciated. We’ll be releasing more details soon!

As you know, we’ve bee building back and will be working on the hill to make sure all trails are ready for the riders that day (but do expect some more challenging trails with roots!). The hot, dry weather hasn’t helped recently but the trail crew will be out working on those trails in particular in advance of Enduro.

I know there have been some challenges the last year. We identified them a while ago and have been working on them for some time, and really appreciate everyone’s support as we do. I hope to see you out over the next month and for the Enduro. Send me a message, or get in touch with more. Totally open to feedback.


Quality post! Looking forward to it!


Food vendors and beers? Do I even need to bring a bike?


Thanks for the info Eric! Much appeciated.

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