Keppoch Enduro

Looks like there’s Keppoch Enduro challenge Sept 19-further details pending.
The Keppoch - Keppoch Enduro Challenge is coming back. Put the date in your calendar, September 19th. Registration and more details will be out in the near future. | Facebooktn=EH-R



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Hoping this will be my first race, if the stars align that is…


Same. Just hoping i can catch up on my conditioning in a 3 week time frame… been working 7 days a week

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Ha yeah I hear you there.

I’m gonna def die on the transfer

First race personal goal… do not achieve… dnf


Last year I DNF the 3 mtn crown broke a crank at 57 of 69 km, pretty much all down hill from where it came apart too. Was disappointing.

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If i do dnf it better be because i got distracted by a beer tent

The keppoch race last year wasn’t that bad. You climbed it 4 times but you had like 3.5 hours (i think it was 3.5, may have been less but was still plenty of time) to finish it. We walked our bikes up in parts and took our time on the climbs and got sendy on the downhill and finished with an hour and a half left over. Its really not that bad. Im not in shape at all and was fine. You will be fine. Just take your time on the climbs and you will be golden.


Ok. Either way i need more saddle time to work on some stuff plus im changing mu cockpit setup to a riser bar from the stock bar which is more of a xc setup

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Whats the details on this with respect to registration?

Need to pre register?
Day of?

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Skyline will suck but everything else will be ok.

Its sunday the 19th. Nothing announced yet for registration. Maybe their waiting to see whats going on covid wise if restrictions have to increase with the school starting or their ironing out small details such as sponsers… markint the trails and such

Yes, organizers are still ironing out details such as # of stages, stage locations, sponsors, what pros are being flown in with appearance fees, where the factory team semis will be parked, how many Red Bull cams will be required and whether Big Spruce beer needs two Sprinters this yr in order to transport enough beer.

If you’re wondering what to do to prepare I’d suggest telling work you’ll be sick that day, tell your spouse Sept 19th is your new birthday, riding your bike. And then riding your bike a bit faster and longer. And then repeat all of that.


There was talk that duane the rock johnson was gonna be the cheer meister, with the entire cast of high schooo musical being at the start gates

Oooooh big spruce. Aka the top atlantic brewery in my books. Their stoute and porters are amazing.

Will the entire fox racing suspension engineerint team be setting up every riders bike? With live coverage on cnn, redbull tv, cbc, the channel waynes world airs on public tv in illinois

Fully tracking there is some ironing of details.

But food for thought for the average rider. Is that not knowing the timings, race fees and format a few weeks out can be the difference between someone travelling 5 hours in a vehicle, and hitting up the local instead.

Just trying to generate some convo as there seems to be crickets on this event on all platforms.

Stoked to see the Rock though, bet he shreds.



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Your not wrong… they only thing theyve said was on insta about 3 or 4 weeks ago postijg the date of it.

Very good point though knowing if you pre register or risk driving up to enter only tk find out theyve reached rhe max amount of riders they can handle only to have wasted gas and a day driving

@Enduro_Performance just pack yer shit and stand by, we expect you to display a heightened level of enduro deployment readiness for near-future operations in the Keppoch theatre.