Kinetikcycles limited time $5 shipping within canada

Popped up in my ads. Looks like the shops located in BC so should ship fast too

Shop local and there is no shipping.

Same week a local shop was shuttered. Lolz.

Edit, Don’t get me wrong, I’m not one of those the internet is the harbinger of doom types, I just find the timing ironic. I think the internet is killing us but in a different way.


Yeah I just look online to know what I want to get in local, thus it was in my ads. That’s super ironic timing though lol

Yeah, it came up in my feed too, I think the five dollar shipping is an odd number. Why not free? For what it’s worth, there are local shops using the same platform and shipping to the world as well.

What shop closed?

Lunenburg Bike Barn - Over 40 years of business :sob:

So that’s 2 shops? Ideal bikes closed down now too

Bike Barn has been closed for a bit - I thought that was the last to do so, I wasnt aware there was another closing up too. If Ideal made an announcement that would be the most recent MR.Tossedsalad is referring to then.

Are you saying Ideal Bikes in Bayers Lake is now closed? Haven’t been by their shop lately but hoping that is not the case.

According to this post, yes: Not Ideal

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When I moved back to Halifax this summer I checked out all of local shops, including inquiring at each about a special order part. My intent is to find a shop that I could deal with for my next bike build, but only two were really willing to play ball on the special order so that narrowed the field. I chose the shop that was most willing to order my part (Shop A) and placed my order. At the second shop (Shop B) I ordered a SRAM GX Eagle drivetrain. I didn’t order from the others because they weren’t really willing to order the part I wanted, or they didn’t have an account with the supplier and couldn’t order it.

My special order part from Shop A arrived quickly and at a fair price. The SRAM drivetrain from Shop B took a long time to arrive because the order was never actually placed. By the time the order was placed some of the parts were out of stock. After a couple rides on the new rear derailleur it was dropping shifts because there was a defect in the B (mounting bolt). When I took it into the shop (in pieces because the B bolt had fallen out) I was told “that they are all that way” and “it’s totally fine”. This interaction eliminated Shop B from new bike contention.

I ended up ordering a new Kona Process 153 CR/DL frame, a full Shimano XT 12 speed drivetrain, and a bunch of other components from Shop A simply because of their reliable turn around on special orders and their outstanding customer service.

I won’t be purchasing any more parts from Shop B, which is a bummer because it’s the closest shop to home.

My point is that peoples buying habits are definitely changing. If brick and mortar bike shops want to survive in today’s marketplace of online and direct to consumer sales they need to focus on the things that set them apart from the online sellers.

TLDR: I prefer to buy local, but if you can’t get what I want in a reasonable amount of time or your staff talks out of their ass I’ll buy online or go elsewhere.


I like the methodical approach you take.

I’d like to know who shop A is.


There’s only one Kona dealer in Halifax :wink::wink:.


Even though they use email a lot more, I have probably said the following into a voice mail over 5000 times (not an exaggeration) “Hello this is Randy calling from Cyclesmith, just calling to let you know that your xyz has arrived and has been set aside in our lay away area. Please come by whenever is convenient to pick it up”.

The best part was when people would see that I called and call the shop asking what’s up… While I was leaving the message.


I have always appreciated those calls, Randy. :slight_smile: