Last Minute Rides....Who's In?


The lake crossing got deeper thanks to the work of some industrious beavers. I’ve heard that some people pulled the dam down a few times, but it always springs back up within a couple of weeks. Best to just leave it alone and when the MRWA announces a work party to build a bridge there, volunteer. :wink: For now we just get wet.


Riding Spider (Skull trail) around 5 today. Moderate pace.


Fight trail, 12 to 1 should be there. Slow. Depends on temp and trail conditions


I’m off this week and looking to get some rides in before 330 ish when I have to pick up the kids, if anyone’s interested.


Whos riding the valley today? Im up for whatever! Irishman, the res, gorge, skateparks, anything - lets get it


There is a ride tonight at the Gorge at 6:30


Chris and I are both planning to be there, @Nova; come play with us! :smiley:


Fight trail at 8:30 tonight for a few laps around the attic and lou’s.


Fight at 7, July 7th


Spider Lake at 1pm, Sunday July 8.


The res in wolfville, right meow.


Wentworth early this afternoon


Riding Spider/Skull at 6:30pm.


Camping near wentworth, thinking of trying to sneak off for an early-ish ride by the hostel tomorrow am if anyone wants to join. Any trail recommendos to get a flavour of the place in a limited amount of time? Is there decent signage?


Honestly I’d check trailforks and look at the ride logs for the ski went worth side and the Hostel side. Maybe some good routes on there. On the ski Wentworth side be prepared to climb/push bike.


Fitz Sunday anyone?


I’m planning on heading to Fight trail tonight (July 19) around 6:30pm if anyone wants to join me


Spider Lake tonight around 6:30-6:45’ish. Plan is full Skull and Lake Major Ext, probably Ribbon, Humps, Six Pack, maybe Poker Run since it’s been so dry lately. Join for some or all.


Anyone up for rip through Evil Birch this Saturday?


Ooh, if my afternoon plans get cancelled then I’m in!