Last Minute Rides....Who's In?


I may be up for that, what’s the start time (Evil Birch)?


I’d like to go in the morning, but I’d good anytime if it more folks can show.


Keppoch tomorrow anyone?


Morning works for me (Evil Birch)


Spider/Skull at 7:30pm.


Keppoch all day
Anyone making the trip?


Thinking of riding tomorrow as Thursday looks really wet and that’s my normal day. Could really be anywhere if someone is interested. Even willing to head to Kentville. I’d have room for one in my car but it could be local as well.


Thinking Irishman’s Road tonight as I have never been.


@Coaster2 l’d be down for that. Aim to be there for 6:30?


I might be able to do a quick scoot at Irishman’s myself. Don’t wait for me, though.


Yup, sounds good! 6:30pm


THe heat cut the ride a burn shorter then I would have liked but thanks for joining me @Coaster2 and @Maritimer


“What are ya talking about? I’m not even sweating anymore!”

Nice connecting with you guys as well. Wish I could have spent a little more time feeding the mosquitoes. It was hot for sure!


Heading to Fight trail tomorrow (Thursday, the 2nd) at around 6:30 or so. Feel free to join me


Real short notice but heading to fight for 3:30-ish. Going in from the water treatment plant off herring cove. Can delay my start if someone wants to come along. I’m fairly slow so be warned!
@Sarah care to join me?


Planning on heading up to Gore/Empire Trails on Monday for a couple of hours. Timeframe is midday. Leaving from Windsor late morning, maybe 11?

Any takers?


Aah, Just seeing this now! Thanks so much for the invite. Hope you had a great ride.


It was good but I got caught by the rain and soaked!


Re-thinking the run to Gore. Looks a little too hot for an epic afternoon. Staying local at Irishman’s today with option on a run to Grey Mountain afterward.


Fitz around 3 tomorrow. Have a route in mind out to the back down and back to the top for a 2nd run down Rocket Rob. Not a speed demon. Just putting it out there.