Last Minute Rides....Who's In?


Spider Lake at 5:45pm


Fight tomorrow at 3:00pm. Will make final decision as long as the radar looks good around noon.


Fight tomorrow morning around 11am. - going to have to cancel


ebirch after 3pm?


Grey Mountain, Sunday ~9:00am. Intermediate to Advanced, definitely not for beginners. We are still learning our way around and looking to build on that knowledge.

To get there: Highway 101, take exit 7 onto Falmouth Connector Road. Right onto Glooscap Trail, left onto Falmouth Back Road. Right onto Eldridge Road, park near tennis courts and recreation centre.


Fight Trail at 1:30pm.


Fight trail at 2:30


Not exactly a last minute ride, but seeing how my wife’s and kid’s schedules work I won’t be getting out to a group ride any time soon so I figured I ask around to see if anyone is interested in joining me on Wednesday (October 10th) morning around 10 am at Whopper. (weather permitting) for a ride. This would be my first ride at Whopper so I’m kinda excited!

I created a facebook event for the ride in an attempt to grow my little FB page. Linked below.

Thanks for reading!


Wish I could, maybe another time.


I not able to ride daytime during the week, but if you are heading out on any weekend, I’d be game most times.


@IanMHFX and are riding fight at 5:30 starting at the end of alabaster.


I’m a tentative yes…Only have my rigid Fat bike to ride at the moment.


Fight at 2pm, Osprey entrance


McFight at 2:30pm.


0730 Cul de sac, Macfight.


Really last minute…Spider at 7


Spiderlake 1100, with the dog, probably relatively chillaxed pace


Fight at 9:30


Planning for Spider at 4pm.


Riding this afternoon somewhere in HRM.